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The Munsters update: Thats a wrap for Catherine Schell

Rob Zombie Catherine Schell The Munsters

Actress Catherine Schell picture wraps on Rob Zombie’s The Munsters.

The rumours are true! Pat Priest returns to Mockingbird Lane!

Pat Priest Marilyn Munster Rob Zombie The Munsters

Answering one of the biggest questions surrounding his version of The Munsters, Rob Zombie confirms that actress Pat Priest, who played Marilyn Munster from 1964 – 199 (from episode 14), will be returning. Rob has not confirmed which role Pat Priest will be playing.

The Munsters update: Actor Sylvester McCoy wraps

Sylvester McCoy Igor The Munsters Rob Zombie

A little behind the scenes update from the set of The Munsters. Actor Sylvester McCoy, who will play Igor, has wrapped his scenes.

The Munsters casting news: meet Lily’s brother Lester as played by Tomas Boykin

Tomas Boykin Lester The Munsters Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie introduces actor Tomas Bokin who will play Lily Munsters brother Lester in The Munsters.

Actor Jeremy Wheeler joins the cast of The Munsters as Mr Gateman

Jeremy Wheeler Mr Gateman The Munsters Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie adds actor Jeremy Wheeler to the cast of The Munsters.