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Rob Zombie Box Set

Rob Zombie Box Set

Rob Zombie is excited to announce two great new items for fans to pre-order from today.

First is a Rob Zombie designed 15-LP box set limited to 1,000 numbered copies worldwide with
10 Rob Zombie albums: https://UMe.lnk.to/RZVinylBox
Also Available Individually on Standard Weight Vinyl: https://UMe.lnk.to/RobZombieVinyl

Second is ‘ASTRO-CREEP: 2000 LIVE’, a 180-Gram vinyl LP exclusive to vinyl box set but also available as a standard weight vinyl and on CD and available as a digital album available for Preorder. https://UMe.lnk.to/AstroCreepLive

To see full details of both sets, and links to pre-order, click here >>> (more…)

Rob Zombie talks “Evil” tour, new remix album

The Twins of Evil tour  sums up the end of a very busy year for Rob Zombie, who has wrapped up one movie (The Lords of Salem), released a remix album (Mondo Sex HEad), gone into the studio to record a new Rob Zombie album and started work on a new movie about the Broad Street Bullies.  And throw in a co-headliner earlier in the year with Megadeth.  Soundspike interviewed Rob recently to talk about all the projects and more.

Rob Zombie talks “Evil” tour, new remix album Story by Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Rob Zombie is a busy man. Within the last six months, he has juggled the making of new movies “Lords of Salem” and “Broad Street Bullies.” He’s been behind the promotional machine for the remix album “Mondo Sex Head,” and he’s jumped in the studio to create a new collection of songs. So when it comes time to writing songs, he writes them when he has to. (more…)

Rob Zombie speaks ahead of bringing Twins of Evil to Houston

The night before Halloween Rob Zombie will bring the ‘Twins of Evil’ to Houston.  The singer and director speaks ahead of that show to 29-95.com about the tour, the forthcoming album and his future film project about the Broad Street Bullies. Enjoy!

Rob Zombie brings ‘Twins of Evil tour’ to Houston by Andrew Dansby

Rob Zombie’s recent and upcoming sinister urges include a remix album, a new solo record, a film that looks positively terrifying and an eerie commercial for a laundry detergent. Zombie’s work as a successful filmmaker and fright-metal recording artist didn’t quite eat up all his time, so he’s going back to doing one of the things he does best: putting on a really big show. (more…)

Zombie speaks to the Eagle Tribune

Rob Zombie

On October 21 Rob Zombie will  perform as part of the Twins of Evil tour. In an interview with local publication the Eagle Tribune Rob talks about his new album, which he plans to release early 2013, about his movies, and about the tour and what fans can expect. Enjoy!

Back to play for his hometown fans  By Alan Sculley Correspondent The Eagle-Tribune

Rob Zombie won’t be playing any songs from his almost-completed new CD on his fall tour with Marilyn Manson.

“We’re doing a bunch of songs that are older songs, not a bunch, but some songs I haven’t played in a long time that people will recognize,” Zombie, who will stop next at Manchester’s Verizon Wireless Arena on Oct. 21. (more…)

Rob Zombie on perfectionism, remixes, and backstage antics with Marilyn Manson


It’s been another busy week. The Twins of Evil tour is in full swing, and Rob Zombie unveiled the trailer for his new movie The Lords of Salem. In this interview City Pages chats to Rob about his music, what he thought about the remixes for Mondo Sex Head and what goes into a Rob Zombie stage show.

Rob Zombie on perfectionism, remixes, and backstage antics with Marilyn Manson by Arielle Castillo

Rob Zombie, that long-haired, bearded, face-painted poster boy for all things ghoulish, can’t help but be a perfectionist. (more…)

The Hellbilly comes clean. Popmatters interviews Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie

This year has been very busy for Rob Zombie. He has co-headlined a tour with Megadeth, finished filming The Lords of Salem, recorded a new album, released a remix album and is about to go on a co-headlining tour with Marilyn Manson (starts 28 September).

Rob chats with Selena Fragassi of Popmatters  about his busy work schedule and more.  Enjoy!

To read the interview, please go here: popmatters.com/feature/162877-the-hellbilly-comes-clean-an-interview-with-rob-zombie/

Rob Zombie speaks to SuicideGirls.com about Mondo, Salem and cell phones at shows

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is just days away from completing the next album. While in the studio, Nicole from SuicideGirls.com, put a call into Rob and had a chat about what the fans can expect, about his forthcoming movies and more. (more…)

Mondo Sex Head on sale from today

Rob Zombie Mondo Sex Head tease

The new remix album from Rob Zombie is available to purchase today on iTunes!   If you’ve purchased Rob’s Mondo Sex Head EP 1 and/or 2 be sure to take advantage of Complete My Album at iTunes to get Rob’s new album Mondo Sex Head at a reduced price. As well as purchasing from iTunes we also have links to Amazon and Universal for the physical copy which includes a vinyl.

To see the links (more…)

Go to Beatport for four tracks to download from Mondo Sex Head

Rob Zombie Mondo Sex Head tease

Go to Beatport.com to purchase tracks from the forthcoming Rob Zombie remix album ‘Mondo Sex Head’ today. These tracks are exclusive to Beatport so grab them now.

You can download the tracks here: http://www.beatport.com/#release/mondo-sex-head-ep/942508


Mondo Sex Head exclusive live album premiere on Livestream Saturday 4 August

Mondo Sex Head LIVE Full Album Premiere this Saturday August 4 at 2:00 PM PT/5:00 PM ET on Livestream.com. (more…)

Fearnet interviews Rob Zombie at Comic Con [Watch]

Rob Zombie kicked off July’s Comic Con event with a concert and party.  Fearnet’s Joseph McCabe caught up with Rob to chat about his new remix album, his new album which is currently being recorded in the studio as we speak and of course his eagerly awaited movie, The Lords of Salem.

To see the interview click for more (more…)

Mondo Sex Head: Rob Zombie sits down with the Huffington Post

Entitled Mondo Sex Head: A Conversation with Rob Zombie, KRUU-FM’s Mike Ragogna interviews Rob Zombie in an interview which appeared on The Huffington Post.


Mike Ragogna: Rob, how involved were you in overseeing your latest remix project, Mondo Sex Head? And how did you go about finding the right remixers?

Rob Zombie: Well, I do have a heavy hand in the albums that I’ve done. Luckily, when we’re making the remix albums-this is the third that I’ve done-I can have a much lighter hand. The way that I do things is to compile a master list of who does the best remixes of the moment. Then we farm out the songs and let the artists pick the songs that they could do the best job with-I obviously try to sway some of them in certain directions, then I give them some slight parameters about what I want, though, I don’t want to stifle what they do. (more…)

GamerLive.TV interviews Rob Zombie at Comic Con [Watch]

At the latest Comic Con GamerLive.TV grabbed Rob for a chat where they talked about the music industry, how it has changed, the Comic Con event, The Lords of Salem  and his forthcoming remix album Mondo Sex Head.

You can watch the two part video interview by click the read the full story link.  Enjoy!


Mondo Sex Head EP 2 on iTunes

Rob Zombie Mondo Sex Head tease

Rob Zombie fans, get your mittens on the Mondo Sex Head Ep 2.  If you purchase EP1 and EP 2, you could get the album for lower price when you press Complete My Album.

Head over to iTunes today: itunes.apple.com/us/album/mondo-sex-head-ep2/id543926199?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Rob Zombie talks Bullies, Tour and Mondo with Philly 2 Philly

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie has a chat with Philly 2 Philly about his movies, his music, forthcoming tour and more.  Enjoy!

Rob Zombie talks Flyers’ ‘Broad Street Bullies’ movie, tour with Marilyn Manson, & Mondo Sex Head by Joe Vallee.

Rob Zombie has had quite a varied career. From the success of his band, White Zombie to his solo career and filmmaking, Zombie is not shy about taking chances. It was recently announced that Zombie’s next film project will be a movie based on the Philadelphia Flyers “Broad Street Bullies”  teams from the 1970’s.  We talked with Zombie to discuss the early stages of the Flyers’ movie, as well as his fall tour with Marilyn Manson and his first remix album in 13 years, Mondo Sex Head.  (more…)

Want a free Rob Zombie track? Then play ‘Find The 13’!

Rob Zombie find the 13 game

We all like a freebie don’t we?  So why don’t you take part in the ‘Find the 13‘ game from Universal Music, and find the 13 Zombie cats to get a free track to download.

Just be careful, not all kitties are zombies. Here’s the link: http://www.findthe13.com/

Rob Zombie talks to ArtistDirect about Mondo Sex Head, The Lords of Salem, Touring with Marilyn Manson and More

Rob Zombie speaks to ArtisDirect about a multitude of topics including his new remix album, his forthcoming tour and much more. Enjoy!

Rob Zombie Talks “Mondo Sex Head”, “The Lords of Salem”, Touring with Marilyn Manson, New Album, and More

“As long as the groove is strong, it works,” Rob Zombie affirms.

That’s true for both movies and records. The groove remains paramount. It’s the hook. It’s the reason the audience or listener sticks around. In some ways, it’s everything. Make no mistake about it, when it comes to hard rock and film in the 21st century, Zombie is king of the groove.


Available today on iTunes: Thunder Kiss ‘65 (JDevil Number of the Beast Remix) – Single

The first single from the forthcoming Rob Zombie remix album ‘Mondo Sex Head’ is available to purchase on iTunes today.

Thunder Kiss ‘65 (JDevil Number of the Beast Remix) has been remixed by Jonathan ‘J-Devil’ Davis – Korn’s frontman and is yours for $1.29.

Purchase today: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/thunder-kiss-65-jdevil-number/id538931837


Promo poster for Mondo Sex Head released

Wanna see more of this great promo artwork – then click the read the rest of this story….. link below – how about that to warm up the cold cold hearts today!


Pre-Order Mondo Sex Head on Amazon.com

Pre-order Mondo Sex Head today

Pre-order Mondo Sex Head today

Yesterday we announced the artwork for the forthcoming Rob Zombie remix album ‘Mondo Sex Head‘ – yes that’s right folks, a remix album, as well as other delights coming soon from Rob Zombie including the ‘as we speak being recorded RIGHT NOW‘ new album and the eagerly anticipated movie The Lords of Salem.

Now we can offer you guys a pre-order for the album Mondo Sex Head.


Artwork for Rob Zombie’s Mondo Sex Head revealed

Rob Zombie Mondo Sex Head tease

Exclusively revealed today on Rolling Stone Magazine website the new artwork for Rob Zombies Mondo Sex Head. Click the link to read a Q&A with Rob Zombie about the artwork

So here’s something to make Monday not such a dull day, and to ensure that forever Monday will be ‘Mondo Sex Head‘ Day.

On August 7, 2012, Rob Zombie’s Mondo Sex Head, a brand new remix album, featuring new and unique remixes of Rob Zombie classics by some of today’s top DJs, including KoRn’s Jonathan “JDevil” Davis, Photek, the Bloody Beetroots, Drumcorps and Ki:Theory, will be released.

To see the artwork  for the USA and Rest of World album releases and read a Q&A with Rob Zombie go to Rolling Stone Magazine and to see the trackisting, click READ AND COMMENT below.


HATE MONDAYS? Not anymore! BIG reveal tomorrow!


Rob Zombie

Hate Mondays? NOT ANYMORE! Tomorrow (July 2), is forever going to be known as Monday Mondo Sex Head.