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After 14 Years, Marvel’s Shang-Chi unseats Rob Zombie’s Halloween Labor Day weekend record

Shang Chi Rob Zombie Halloween Labor Day Weekend 2021

After 14 years, Rob Zombie’s Halloween has finally been unseated as the Labor Day weekend box office record holder. There’s been many contenders who have attempted to wrestle the title from Zombie and Michael Myers, including Tenet, Angel Has Fallen and boyband One Direction but each and every time Rob Zombie’s Halloween has slayed the competition…. until now!

Rob Zombie’s Halloween continues to hold Labor Day Box Office record 11 years on

Halloween 2007 Crazy Rich Asians 2018 Labor Day Weekend Box Office

Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007) continues to dominate Labor Day weekend Box Office markets, despite a valiant effort from director Jon M. Chu’s critically acclaimed comedy, Crazy Rich Asians.