Psycho-Head Blowout [1987]

Psycho-Head Blowout cover

Psycho-Head Blowout marks the third EP release from White Zombie.

The EP came out on their independent label Silent Explosion in 1987, initially on vinyl and limited to one thousand pressings.

In 2008, the EP was reissued on CD as part of the Let Sleeping Corpses Lie anthology album and in 2016 on vinyl as part of It Came From N.Y.C., with White Zombie/Rob Zombie guitarist Jay Youngerremastering the audio.

For Psycho-Head Blowout, a new guitarist joined the band – Tom “Five” Guay– so called because it sounded like he was playing 5 guitars at once.

The EP was seen as instrumental in solidifying White Zombie’s journey from the underground and cultivating the sound that was synonymous with the bands future releases.

It was also noted at the time that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobainwas a fan, and praised Tom Guay for his playing style; “fucked-up, bending strings, borderline in-tune–that type of chaos“.

EP Tracklist



Title Length Lyrics Listen*
1 Eighty Eight 03:45
Too weak to run defacer eraser too weak to run, hey my friend now monkey boy chief remember by name and cut this groove deep oh deep in the wind a misery wind a misery wind take it over and explode to the now is a freedom a fool’s passion love loud but wa it-eighty-eight now where did it all begin push to the point of a danger love where did it all begin you got more than you deserve waterwalker a spirithunter hunt until kingdom come who goes–freedom a junk messiah–sparkle mankind–hey girl, burn now gat her round crew and picture this now gather round crew and get behind the wheel of a big white Cadillac a true zombi scavenger is a joy digging through your paradise now is a freedom a fool’s passion bend the steeple and teach it to dance in a black blue o asis time to sing medicine man sing like a medicine man
2 Fast Jungle 04:24
Fast, fast jungle king of the road fast, fast jungle got a suicide machine big bad jungle flying down high down the sewer streets sailing down the river streets destination light neon number forty-two grind and move my way found and kick my way down and s ave my way hanging on psychic ride sliding down fridays child get out now before you cripple shell crowds a carbon long while a twisted root digs the citys hold careless saint preach of love modern trash scream for war citycide going nowhere citycide nowhere which ung end in a dragstrip crash leatherman singing for the past painted eyes got a face to remember king of control dead september do what I say not what I do leave it to the true beasts the mindless, motherless dog bitch spread her life on the fucking floor rip her legs in the shattered glass retaliation murders retaliation murders now the rot control the tooth and the dirt in the world say freak father to bro ther, sister to mother taste the failure from one another sometimes all that glittlers gold when its howling in the widows grave where a broken skull speak like a god and the head-stone reads –buddy holly– join the ressurection rave on in my direction rave on got to rave on rave on rave on rave on
3 Gun Crazy 04:29
Born with hesitation onto floating stone what better than a riverview – a slum by any other name scum – scum perfect and friendly to a given point – point to stretch your skin thin thinner than heaven air heaven air – twisted become ultimate – 2 face shin e on. Vocal become violent virgin shine on – yea time for damaged lives. It lives again. But the worst is yet to come topless crawling. Healter-Skelter hidden among fashionable white pickett hammerheads relentless, interrogating, scum sucking suck. S uck true they were a handsome piece but a piece for a poor exuse for a sinking sailor by sinking sinking ragtag turn sinner. Decoy shine on. Freak out. Feast I’m alive shine on sing for a holy gun – some say heavenly. Land of hypnotic eye. Endless lo ve. Helter Skelter when you get down falling down under homegrown $ money the need is vanished now now! Hey kind of incredible! Time to crawl over love and rotting stones like a steamrolling. High rolling. Shit kicking ego machine. Mad Dog. Alterna tive. Sleep. Everywhere rattle snake in a big sleep (yea) hits so good – I can remember taste so bad. I can’t forget – can’t remember can’t forget – But I can not – like a road machine – machine
4 Kick 04:08
Kicking in the christ Kiss crude as it is talk is cheap like a local jezebel got her face wounds Vigilante style highwayman lick a shallow grave play harmonica harmonica harmonica speaking horseflesh singing horse – flesh find youngblood Now is now! this is the end hey my friend to take what you have given your garden your eden now my eyes burn dry whithe the usual who’s who is this thing called life? fascination slugpile neverband some fat ass pregnant bitch dancing her pinhole jelly veins to some jungle bell daddy sleeze looking for a stin king peice like it RAW AND SOFT like it RAW AND SOFT a substitute oyster house all you can stomach but who can eat at a time like… five fingered apostle lose a slipping gun spin and turn a tombstone blue feeling like a jesus clone in a solid whorehouse we all play the game cause time is money money wastes my time my time is dirt dirt is my carnival Now is now! psyched-out and mean mutilation peace machine pussycat in trash make a real love machine sitting like a ziegfield crow classic textbook case basket-head sidewalk time has come again
5 Memphis 03:37
“He can’t get away with by the time, he gets in front of the jury he’ll be a good boy;” said man one. At a little before 5’oclock he when through the basement. “Yes or no!” demanded man two bantering humor dry in his throat. “Is there more than what she gave you?” questioned man three as a growing flicker. Waved across his eyes. “No!” The space surrounds constitutes a classic climate this happens to now everyone in the room. You feel traces a dying sound listen to the time of your life. Standstill panic stricken. Ringing the bells of a empty houses someone answers and calls you, transfixed by committed you say “I ain’t no guillotine” The girl spoke from the doorway in her rasping voice “what he wants is in the house” the words hung there for a moment. Bending forward she plucked she plucked the ashes from his cigarette and said something nobody could understand. Nobody could understand, nobody could understand. One moment of irritation you call back “why me?” the vantage point above the street can be exhilarating falling back to a perspective odyssey. A track of thunder. Tower lust of decomposed intensity. I am I am I am I am….
6 Magdalene 04:12
Hey, Miss Magdalen girl sympathy mind hey, Miss Magdalen girl power. Power off, yeah grant a flesh show meek inherit nothing but death song queen sex go-go moving like a bad dream promised so long ago blessed art thou among women is this easy come is this easy go mingled with fear you get what you wish wish wish wish wish Gabriel get out this is my Nazareth wicked joy trembling town wicked joy be a raging machine chosen worthy to explode a king a king king king king king king king king drilling down deep inside heartache tests the pain girls on the bar swing around danger does the sam Magdalen Magdalen Magdalen Magdalen peace grants suspicious crashing like some animals southern terror claws scream “How can this be?” Mary, Mary sex machine Mary. Mary raging on beat, beat beat girl this is what you need this is what you need now now now
7 True Crime 04:50
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EP line-up and details

LABEL:Silent Explosion
RELEASED:May, 1987

PRODUCED BY: White Zombie
PHOTOGRAPHY: Michael Levin
PRODUCTION: White Zombie