3 From Hell [2019]

“3 From Hell” has completed production, however not all details for the movie are available yet. We have compiled this page together to allow you see how production is going, get all the latest news and see casting info etc as we get it from Rob Zombie.

3 From Hell” is the long-awaited sequel to Rob Zombie’s The Devils Rejects. Principal filming began in March 2018 and was wrapped up before Rob Zombie went on tour with Marilyn Manson for 2018’s TWINS OF EVIL: THE SECOND COMING tour. In September 2018, Zombie returned to work on the movie, post production. The film is set to be released in 2019.

Zombie has not let on much about the synopsis of the new movie but it has been confirmed that the ‘Rejects’ are back – Bill Moseley (Otis), Sheri Moon Zombie (Baby) and Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding’). Speaking to Loudwire about the movie in July 2018, Zombie said of the plot speculation: “It’s nothing [like] what people seem to think, which is always fun to read, because everybody’s like, ‘Oh, I know what this is. It’s exactly this.’ And they’re always wrong, which is great.

I’ll just say it’s not a prequel. I’m making this movie 15 years after the last movie, so my cast is aging the wrong direction and I certainly didn’t replace them with other actors. The one thing I will say is that when we got together — because my biggest fear of making this movie was the actors won’t have the vibe they had — it was almost spooky how much [they vibed.] It didn’t seem like it was 15 years later, it seemed like it was six months later.

Other cast members have been confirmed as Danny Trejo, Dee Wallace, Austin Stoker, Clint Howard, Emilio Rivera and Jeff Daniel Phillips. You can see more cast below by viewing the movie credits.

Promotion of the movie is already on social media. Use the hashtags #FreeTheThree #FreeBaby #ThreeFromHell.

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Rob Zombie updates fans on 3 From Hell trailer release

Rob Zombie updates fans on 3 From Hell his brand new movie due out in late 2019.

3 From Hell gets an R-Rating.

Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell, due out in 2019, will have an R-Rating.

Rob Zombie gets mixing on 3 From Hell. “Getting closer to finishing this monster”.

Rob Zombie provides an update on the next stage of post-production on 3 From Hell, teases: “Getting closer to finishing this monster”.

Brand new Otis Behind The Scenes image from 3 From Hell

Rob Zombie reveals a new behind the scenes photo from 3 From Hell.

DAMMIT JANET! Barry Bostwick to make cameo appearance in 3 From Hell

Barry Bostwick (Brad Majors in the Rocky Horror Picture Show) to make cameo appearance on 3 From Hell.

3 From Hell welcomes Chaz Bono to cast.

Actor and writer Chaz Bono has been announced by Rob Zombie as one of the cameo appearances in his next film 3 From Hell, which is due out later in 2019.

Rob Zombie gives a 3 From Hell update

Rob Zombie provides a quick update and new photos from behind the scenes of 3 From Hell.

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RZ shares new 3 From Hell still on Richard “Foxy” Brakes birthday!

Actor Richard Brake celebrates his birthday today and Rob Zombie has shared this exclusive still from 3 From Hell to celebrate.

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Rob Zombie reveals Clint Howard still from 3 From Hell

Rob Zombie posts a new still from his next movie 3 From Hell. This time actor Clint Howard.

Rob Zombie guest edits Metal Hammer Magazine

Rob Zombie is the guest editor for November’s issue of Metal Hammer magazine, out on newsstands right now. Included is an exclusive interview Rob Zombie and Three From Hell star Bill Mosley.

Bill Moseley speaks to Rue Morgue about 3 From Hell; “it’s going to blow the minds of the fans”.

Bill Moseley (Otis Driftwood) speaks to Rue Morgue about returning to play Otis Driftwood in 3 From Hell.

New Sid Haig still from 3 From Hell.

On Day 16 of editing Three From Hell, Rob Zombie reveals a new shot of Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding.

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Editing begins on 3 From Hell

Rob Zombie begins editing work on his next movie 3 From Hell.

Rob Zombie returns to work on 3 From Hell

Rob Zombie returns to working on his next movie 3 From Hell.

Baby Firefly features in the final 3 From Hell teaser poster

Baby Firefly (Sheri Moon Zombie) teaser poster for 3 From Hell is unveiled.


Rob Zombie unveils a new 3 From Hell teaser poster featuring Richard Brake as Foxy

RZ speaks to Loudwire: 3 From Hell “it’s not a prequel”.

Rob Zombie speaks to Loudwire about his next movie 3 FROM HELL.

Emilio Rivera features in latest 3 FROM HELL teaser poster

Rob Zombie reveals the character poster for Emilio Rivera for 3 From Hell.

The Devils Rejects turns 13 years old

Rob Zombie’s The Devils Rejects turns 13 years old today

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Zomboogey have released a four set button pack celebrating the Rob Zombie movie ‘Three From Hell’, which is due out in 2019

‘Three From Hell’ Teaser trailer showing on tour

Catch the Three From Hell teaser trailer on tour this summer

3rd Teaser poster for Three From Hell revealed

Rob Zombie unveils another teaser character fro THREE FROM HELL. This time Captain Spaulding himself.

SOLD OUT! “Free Baby” shirt to be sold from July 1

From July 1, you will be able to purchase the “Free Baby” shirt, like the one worn by Sheri Moon Zombie in THREE FROM HELL.

Rondo character poster from ‘Three From Hell’

Rob Zombie releases the second in a series of character teaser posters for his movie ‘Three From Hell’, set for release in 2019.

Otis Driftwood character poster for ‘3 From Hell’

Rob Zombie releases the first of 5 character posters for Three From Hell – due out in 2019.

Zombie unleashes another ‘3 From Hell’ image

Rob Zombie shares another photo from the set of Three From Hell.

Watch the Trailer

“3 From Hell” is currently in post-production so there is no trailer at the moment. However on the recent TWINS OF EVIL: THE SECOND COMING tour, Zombie showed a teaser during his set for the filmn. You can see it here: Click to watch the teaser.

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Movie is in post-production.

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PRODUCED BY: Mike Elliott, Greg Holstein, Rob Zombie
STARRING: Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie, Danny Trejo, Dee Wallace, Austin Stoker, Clint Howard, Emilio Rivera and Jeff Daniel Phillips
MUSIC BY: Movie in post-production
STUDIO: Movie in post-production
DISTRIBUTED BY: Movie in post-production
RELEASE DATE: Movie in post-production
RUNNING TIME: Movie in post-production
MPAA:Movie in post-production

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Movie in post-production.

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Movie Credits

Sheri Moon Zombie Baby Firefly
Sid Haig Captain Spaulding
Bill Moseley Otis Driftwood
Emilio Rivera TBA
Danny Trejo Rondo
Clint Howard Mr Baggy Britches
Richard Brake Winslow Foxworth Coltrane
Daniel Roebuck Morris Green
Jeff Daniel Phillips Warden Virgil Dallas Harper
David Ury TBA
Dee Wallace TBA
Dot-Marie Jones TBA
Sean Whalen TBA
Tom Papa TBA
Pancho Moler TBA
Kevin Jackson TBA
Richard Riehle TBA
Richard Edson TBA
Austin Stoker TBA