Other Directing Projects

As well as being a director of his own movies, and a number of music videos for both White Zombie and as a solo artist, Rob has also directed a number of other projects, from commercials to comedy and an episode of CSI: Miami in between. Below are trailer videos and a brief summary for each of these additional works.

Amdro Ant Block: “Death Note”

Rob Zombie turns his talent to directing another commercial, this time for Amdro Ant Block. This little gem called ‘Death Note‘ is a bizarre ad featuring cult fav Clint Howardas a man on the bring of madness due to ant trouble. His only hope is Amdro Ant Block.

Amdro Ant Block: “Dark Room”

Rob Zombie follows up on his Amrdro Quick Killcommercial ‘Death Note‘ with the equally fiendish direction of ‘Dark Room‘ this time starring Daniel Roebuckas the man plagued by ants looking for a solution.

Amdro Ant Block: “The Ants Go Marching”

Rob Zombie returns to Amdro for his third commercial. In this ad, a woman is driven crazy by the presence of ants, becoming so consumed that she begins to write all over her face and body. Thankfully, Amdro is to the rescue again, returning even the craziest person to a state of calm.


Woolite Detergent: “The Torturer”

Rob Zombie adds a touch of horror to this commercial for Woolitedetergent. Speaking about the commercial to Nerdist, Rob said “I got a call that this ad agency had pitched this crazy idea to Woolite, and they wanted me to direct it. They essentially wanted a commercial that the first half resembled a horror movie trailer. They needed something along those lines, and they thought I could handle it. It was fun.”

Assassin’s Creed Unity: “French Revolution”

In 2014, Rob Zombie teamed up with Tony Moore, to direct this short for Assassin’s Creed Unity. The clip is a retelling of the French Revolution, the period in which the game is set. Rob Zombie spoke to Rolling Stone Magazineabout working on a video game piece:  “I thought it was interesting because I never work in the medium of video games, so it was a new thing to do“.


Tom Papa: Live in New York City

Rob Zombie directs El Superbeasto himself, Tom Papa, in his Live In New York City show. Papa and Zombie are long-time friends and have worked together on a number of projects, including Zombie as consulting producer on Papa’s first EPIX comedy show, Freaked Out.

CSI: Miami Episode 16, Season 8: ‘L.A.’

Rob Zombie directed CSI: Miami episode ‘L.A.‘ for Season 8 (Episode 16) of the long-running show. The synopsis centers around “A pornographer who was acquitted in Los Angeles for the murder of his wife is suspected of killing anther woman in Miami. Horatio and Delko travel to L.A. to further the investigation–and clear Jesse’s Cardoza’s name.”  Sheri Moon Zombie appeared in the episode as Olivia Burch , as well as other Zombie favorites Malcolm McDowell and Jeff Daniel Phillips.