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The Wolfman Cometh speaks to the stars and director of The Lords of Salem

Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips, two of the stars of Rob Zombie’s latest movie The Lords of Salem join the director in this interview with The Wolfman Cometh, which was conducted back in March during the SXSW Festival, where The Lords of Salem get it’s USA premiere.

Meet Hollywood’s hottest Zombies – NY Post interviews Rob and Sheri Moon

Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie chat to the New York Post about how their married life and working life come together. Sheri has long been Rob’s muse in his music and movie work and has become an integral piece of his filmmaking career, with her bringing to life of such iconic characters as Baby Firefly. Enjoy the interview with the couple.

Noisecreep speaks to Zombie about ”Lords of Salem,’ His Future Film Projects’ and more

Noisecreep interviews Rob Zombie about The Lords of Salem, his next movie project – the non-horror Broad Street Bullies and, if he could be any other musician or filmmaker in history – who would he be?