Rob Zombie’s The Munsters is finally out on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital and Netflix*. He has spoken to Variety about the making of the film. He explains why the film was filmed in color, his multiple attempts to get the gig to direct the movie over 20 years, his love of the original tv show and how the pandemic delayed the start of filming.

“One of the things the studio kept complaining [about] was, ‘We don’t understand what the time period is.’ It doesn’t matter,” Zombie says. “It’s just a mishmash of everything that is frozen in time. That’s how I remember childhood. And that’s how I remember ‘The Munsters.’ I was such a TV fanatic as a kid. I loved everything. So this movie has as much in common with ‘The Munsters’ as ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ ‘Green Acres’ — it’s everything.”

Variety: Rob Zombie Says He Wasn’t Allowed to Shoot ‘The Munsters’ in Black-and-White, So He Made His Dream Film ‘as Hyper Surreal as Possible’ – September 27, 2022

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