From Entertainment Weekly:

Rob Zombie is over stuff. Not pandemic issues-type “stuff”; actual objects. “I don’t want anything,” the 56-year-old singer and filmmaker says. “Imagine your whole life was in a backpack. That’s the greatest feeling in the world. That’s why I love being on tour. You have your suitcase, and that’s all. After a while you go, ‘This is all I need.'”

It’s an odd statement from a man who seems very much a maximalist. His songs and stage shows are chock full of stuff: lyrics, sound effects, creatures. Even his arms are covered in colorful, intricate tattoos. But with Zombie, everything isn’t as it appears. 

In 2020, he and his wife, actress Sheri Moon, isolated at their Connecticut farm with their playful rescue goats and vintage TV shows for company. (Match Game 74 during breakfast; before bed, Hogan’s Heroes and Perry Mason.) Zombie’s diverse seventh studio album, The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy, was already complete by then, but that didn’t mean Zombie was on his couch in pajamas for nine months.

Entertainment Weekly | Rob Zombie on colonizing Mars, octopi, and bonding with Alice Cooper | March 10, 2021