Check out this amazing book by authors Luigi Boccia and Lorenzo Ricciardi. “Rob Zombie. Il circo degli orrori” (Rob Zombie. The Circus Of Horrors), is an Italian book looking at the filmmaking career of Rob Zombie.

From the synopsis*:

“Rob Zombie: the circus of horrors” is the first essay made in collaboration with artist Rob Zombie, with fifty unpublished photos from the backstage of the films and an exclusive interview with the director. The preface by Jeff Daniel Phillips, an actor known for his interpretations in Zombie films, enriches the work by introducing the journey through the career and cinematographic evolution of a controversial and eclectic character who has desecrated the parameters of horror cinema, desecrating the concept of fear and giving it a new face, that of a society that generates and feeds its monsters. Rob Zombie and his circus make a stop in Italy to give us a show not to be missed.

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The book is available now (although the book is currently on back-order) via Italy’s Amazon site.