Rob Zombie’s Halloween is 13 years old today! The reimagining of the John Carpenter classic was an instant hit with fans and has since dominated the box office records for the big Labor Day Weekend holiday in the USA.

In Zombie’s version, the role of the Myers (originally only credited as ‘The Shape’ in Carpenter’s 1978 film), was played by Tyler Mane. Mane, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly said of working with Zombie;

“…he’s a fantastic guy, a great director, he’s got his vision, he knows what he wants, and he put together a great team. Just working with Scout and Malcolm and everyone, it was a fantastic experience.”

The film also saw appearances from Scout Taylor-Compton who played Myers unknowing baby sister Laurie Strode, Sheri Moon Zombie as Debbie Myers, Daeg Faerch who played the pre-pubescent killer Myers who slaughters his family and Malcolm McDowell who played Dr Samuel Loomis.

Revisit the film at the official film page here at and tune in next week when we find out if Halloween will retain the Labor Day Weekend Box Office record for the 12th year running!