It’s been 11 years since Rob Zombie released Halloween 2, the sequel to his re-imagining of the classic John Carpenter horror movie.

Hot damn! 11 years ago today Halloween 2 was released. That was the most difficult shoot of any film I’ve made. The reasons are too numerous to go into, but in the end we were all thrilled with the results. I know it wasn’t your typical Michael Myers romp, but fuck ain’t you got enough of those? 🎃ha 👍🏼 This was also first time working with @jeffdanielphillips and @richbrake

Rob Zombie | Instagram | August 28, 2020

The movie, follows directly on from the events in Halloween as Myers escapes from the back of a mortuary van to once again terrorize his baby sister Laurie Strode (played by Scout-Taylor Compton). As well as returning appearances from Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane and Brad Dourif, the movie features a “dream sequence” where Myers hunts down Strode in hospital, and guts Nurse Davis, played by (future) Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer. Spencer looked back at the bloody kill in an SNL skit back in 2017; “Yeah, she got stabbed bad,” joked the actress.

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