On August 25, 1998 Rob Zombie released his first solo album on the world: HELLBILLY DELUXE – 13 TALES OF CADAVEROUS CAVORTING INSIDE THE SPOOKSHOW INTERNATIONAL

Damn it’s been 22 years since I released my first solo record Hellbilly Deluxe. I had no idea if this crazy idea would work, but I had to do it. I would rather be happy in a smaller band than unhappy in a big one. Breaking out on your own after being in a successful band is usually the kiss of death. But it all turned out just fine. The record quickly went platinum.. then double platinum and finally triple platinum. Thanks to you all for making it happen.

Rob Zombie | Instagram | 25 August 2020

Share your favorite track in the comments! And to celebrate enjoy one of the tracks from the album: Superbeast!

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