On 28 March, 2006, Rob Zombie released his third solo album to the world: Educated Horses.

Released 5 years after The Sinister Urge, it came out after Zombie had spent time cultivating his career as a film director.

Educated Horses was the first to feature John 5 on guitar and also saw drummer Tommy Clufetos joining the band. In a recent Instagram post celebrating the 14th anniversary, Zombie noted “It was the only record to feature the lineup of John Five, Blasko and Tommy Clufetos.”

John 5 also commented on Zombie’s anniversary post, noting his favorite track from the album:

Let it all bleed out is my favorite, I remember I was doing tracks for this record but wasn’t in the band yet I was so excited thank you RZ for letting me stick around

John 5 – Instagram: 28 March 2020

The album debuted at number 5 on the Billboard charts and the track The Lords of Salem was nominated for a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance of 2008. Four music videos were released, including two animated videos for The Lords of Salem and American Witch featuring animation from David Hartman. You can view all the videos on the Educated Horses official album page, right here at robzombie.com: https://robzombie.com/music/educated-horses/

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