From Screenrant:

Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from 3 From Hell, showcasing an intimate scene between a journalist and Captain Spaulding, played by the legendary Sid Haig. The clip showcases director Zombie’s love of 1970s-style low-fi filmmaking, with raw colors and deep film grain giving the film a textured, dirty look that fits well with 3 From Hell‘s graphic and intimate subject matter….

Haig is front and center in the clip, and he can easily be seen as the franchise’s secret weapon. The 80-year-old actor has been on television and film since the 1960s, and has played every type of role imaginable over his prolific career. The part of Captain Spaulding in Zombie’s Firefly Family films is possibly his most iconic work, and for good reason. With or without terrifying clown makeup, the character is an electrifying presence, a commanding authority figure, and a menacing titan of terror.

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