From New York Post:

Nobody gives a gory film more glamour than Sheri Moon Zombie. The blond dancer/model/actress/muse and wife of rocker-turned-horrormeister Rob Zombie stars in “3 From Hell,” the latest (out Sept. 16) in a series that started with 2003’s “House of 1000 Corpses.”

Even while laughing demonically and covered in blood as Baby Firefly, the 48-year-old looks fetching — a feat she attributes to good genes, a vegan diet and regular exercise.

That, and she loves her director.

“Rob thinks of this film as his masterpiece,” she says of her husband of 17 years, the former Robert Cummings, 54, with whom she lives in Los Angeles and Connecticut. “I’m happy for him and I’ve watched him on his whole journey. I’m like, ‘When did you learn how to write a script? I thought I married a rock star!’ All of a sudden, he’s a writer, a producer and a director!”

In a phone conversation punctuated with giggles, the California native, who was born Sheri Lyn Skurkis, tells The Post about her life as a Zombie, where she draws the line and what really makes her scream.

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