As you will all know, we found out yesterday that actor Sid Haig, who played the absolutely amazing Captain Spaulding in House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and 3 From Hell, had passed away on Saturday night following a short illness.

After posting a moving tribute to his friend, Rob Zombie has been sharing several behind the scenes images from Haig’s time on set during the 20 years that the director and actor worked together.

You can see them below, including with descriptions as to the occasion in each photo. We hope you enjoy the memories.

Speaking of memories, we would also like to invite fans to tell us their stories of meeting with Sid Haig, who was a regular on the convention scene along with Bill Moseley (Otis Driftwood). We know from social media posts there are many wonderful stories out there about Sid who adored meeting his fans. To leave a comment, press the leave a comment button under the main picture.

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