From Rob Zombie:

For those wondering why you don’t see tons of Capt. Spaulding this article explains why.

From Alt Press:

It’s been almost 15 years since The Devil’s Rejects was released, and while most fans of the Rob Zombie film thought the ending was the completion of the story, Zombie (and his characters) return this month with 3 From Hell. The director and musician resurrected the sadistic murderous characters Baby, Otis and Captain Spaulding—plus a new character, Foxy—to continue the adventure of the notorious criminals after all these years.

“Truthfully, writing it was pretty easy,” Zombie says. “Figuring out the exact story and where they were going to go took a while, but bringing the characters back to life and the dialogue and how they were going to act was pretty easy. I don’t know why, but these characters are just—I know them so well.”

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