Rob Zombie is currently busy editing his next movie 3 From Hell (sequel to The Devils Rejects), which is due for release in 2019.

Actor Bill Moseley, who plays Otis Driftwood, has spoken exclusively to Rue Morgue about the film (although he’s sworn to secrecy on how the Firefly clan survive the end of The Devils Rejects), saying;

The fans I’ve seen recently are just so excited that there’s finally a sequel to DEVIL’S REJECTS. Most of the people I talk to just love it and continue to watch it, sometimes three or four times a day, God bless ’em. The fact that we’re actually doing a new one has them buzzing. And I’m excited about the fact that, from what I gather, it’s going to blow the minds of the fans, and they’re going to be very happy with it. They’re not going to be disappointed

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