Rob Zombie’s Halloween was released in 2007, and broke the Labor Day Weekend Box Office with a $30.5* million weekend gross (previously held by M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Sixth Sense” with $29,271,146*). Ever since then, many have tried valiantly to unseat Big Mike from that record, including The Possession, Morgan, Lawless, Don’t Breathe and a teeny-tiny pop band called One Direction, but all have failed.

This Labor Day Weekend, director Jon M. Chu’s critically acclaimed comedy, Crazy Rich Asians, took on the challenge and almost killed Mike off, taking in a weekend gross of $28,310,000*. That means for the ELEVENTH YEAR RUNNING, Rob Zombie’s Halloween reigns supreme over the coveted 4 day weekend market. Commenting on the news Zombie let out a relieved “whew“.

Congrats to Crazy Rich Asians for the great effort and thank you for helping make Halloween a success. Don’t forget to check out the movie and more info on here it here: Rob Zombie’s Halloween movie page.

*  All Box Office takings information collated from Box Office Mojo.