Rob Zombie website 2016

Hello Zombieheads – nope, you’re not loosing it – the site has had a new skin added it to it over the past day, and some other tweaks to bring it in line with the new era.

Using album artwork by Rob Zombie, the site reskin has again been handled by web manager Emma from Nineteen76Designsafter Zombie approved the reskin concept.

There will be a few small tweaks over the next couple of days but nothing that will affect your everyday visit to the site.

Plans are underway to look at the site overall and bring a completely new look by the end of the year. At this time, the reskin brings us inline with the brand new Rob Zombie album The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser which came out on April 29 – for a list of different places to buy the album visit the main home page: