Zombie talks to Loudwire about ’31’

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There are NINE days to go before the crowd-funding for ’31’ closes – appropriately on 31 October. Rob speaks with Loudwire, in this exclusive interview and talks about the movie, about the “relentless” and “insane” story he is weaving for the film, and why the crowd-funding project has been so important.

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Rob Zombie Goes In-Depth on Upcoming Horror Flick ‘31’ – Exclusive Interview by Graham ‘Gruhamed’ Hartmann

If you’re a fan of Rob Zombie‘s horror films, this interview is a must-read. We had the chance to speak with the horror rock icon about his upcoming flick, ’31,’ which pits unlucky captives against a group of gladiatorial clowns.

Choosing to bail from the studio world, Rob Zombie turned to fans to crowd fund the film via the site FanBacked. So far, more than 4,000 people have contributed to the cause, receiving some awesome incentives in return. Zombie has also released captivating production artwork from ’31,’ so we couldn’t wait to pick the rocker / director’s brain on his latest vision.

You decided to use crowd funding methods to raise money for ’31′ and you’ve said that because the movie industry has changed so much, a movie like this probably couldn’t be made today via the studio system. Could you tell us more about that?

Yeah, sure. I mean, there’s something going on in the movie business that’s not unlike what’s going on in the record business. I hate talking about it because it’s just a fact of life and it is what it is, but the piracy of records — obviously record sales are done — but there’s also the piracy of movies. A lot of movies like this, say ‘The Devils Rejects’ for instance; those movies may not have done insane box office, but they did insane DVD sales — like, ridiculous. So that’s why those movies will get made, because the companies knew, well if it doesn’t blow up at the box office it’s going to blow up on home video. But now home video is going through the same thing that CDs went through. So as these revenue streams dry up, it gets harder and harder to get studios or anybody to want to put money to anything that they don’t see as a bona fide crowd-pleasing smash hit. That’s why basically the only movies you see are blockbusters and tiny, tiny independent films.

There’s almost nothing in between anymore. It’s that sort of thing that happens all the time. It’s just the general elimination of the middle class. It’s sort of what happens in life and in business. All the movies I ever made, be it ‘The Devils Rejects’ or ‘Halloween,’ they always sort of lived in that middle ground where budgets were decent, but not gigantic, but they weren’t minuscule so you could make it a solid product. Now, if I wanted to try to make a movie like that, they come up and want you to make it for a fourth of what you made it for 10 years ago for. That’s become almost impossible.

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