RZ speaks to Music Radar; ‘You’ve got to walk onstage and, at the VERY least: look cool.’

Photo by Antonio Marino Jr.

Rob Zombie will be continuing his 2014 tour into Europe in the next month, including a stop at Download, which he last played at in 2011 (on a very rain-soaked but wild Sunday evening). Before he pops over the Europe, Rob chats with Music Radar about ‘being a one-stop creative shop, his hatred of recording studios and how to put together an unmissable concert.’

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Rob Zombie talks performance, passion and being a scatterbrain

In-depth with a hard rock renaissance man – Interview by: Matt Parker. Read the full interview here

There are creative people and there are annoyingly creative people. Rob Zombie, in the best possible way, falls into the latter category.
Since rising to fame with White Zombie in the ’80s, the 49 year-old Massachusettiasn has not only shifted an impressive 16 million albums, he’s also written and directed eight horror films, successfully rebooted the Halloween franchise (to the tune of nearly $120 million), and even helmed an episode of CSI: Miami. Alongside this he’s built a reputation for one of the most unmissable, theatrical live shows since Kiss’ pyro-friendly heyday. We caught up with the metal legend to talk about being a one-stop creative shop, his hatred of recording studios and how to put together an unmissable concert.
Most people struggle to master even one creative avenue. What’s been key for you in developing those different skill sets to a professional level?
“I think that it was just the fact that I was so naive about what any of these fields required. I think sometimes people try to learn too much, or get too old before they start and can look at it like, ‘This is a million to one – why even bother?’ But when you’re young, you don’t think about it. You’re too stupid to think about it! So I would always rather go do it myself and make a million mistakes then figure out some kind of system. And that’s a horrible way to do it – I don’t recommend it! But that’s just the way I do it. I think that’s why I do it, because it stays fun.”
How do you juggle multiple projects?
“I’m very scatterbrained, I can’t focus on one thing at a time and I’ve never been able to do that, so luckily having multiple projects works in my favour. I can work on this for a while until I get bored and then work on something else and slowly they all get done. I’m not the type of guy who goes, ‘I’m gonna sit down and write this script.’ I’ll sit down, I’ll fart around with it for an hour and then I’ll move on to something else, but I’ll do it every day and somehow, after a couple of months, it’s done – and so are the songs, the lyrics – and that’s how I approach everything.”
Do you consider yourself a control freak? Do you delegate?
“There’s really no one I can delegate to, these are all artistic pursuits – either you’ll do it, or you’ll not do it. The type of thing I delegate is saying to John 5, because I trust John with everything, ‘Get the band together, you guys rehearse for a week before I get to town and then I’ll come in and play with the band.’ That’s about as much as you can do. Because even if the merchandise company comes up and goes, ‘We have 20 new T-shirt designs!’ I’ll look at them and go, ‘None of these seem like they came from me.’ So I’ll do it myself. But that’s not being a control freak. That’s just maintaining a level that your fans expect of you. If [the T-shirt design] was awesome, I’d go, ‘Great! That saves me from having to do it!'”