Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare proves a hit – read the opening week reviews

Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare

The opening week of Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare has seen rave reviews from media and celebrity guests alike. compiled this great review rundown from names such as Tommy LeeDino CazaresEvan Seinfeld, and plenty from the presses too!

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Celeb Guest Review

“That was twisted!”  –Tommy Lee

“We go to Halloween Horror Nights every year and this is by far beyond that…the best! They nailed it.” –Dino Cazares, Fear Factory

“We’ve been to this kind of stuff all over the world and this was great…top notch!”  –Johnny Plague, Winds Of Plague

“It was amazing. Your head was totally covered. And the 3D experience (in The Haunted World of El Superbeasto) was so trippy.” –actress Olivia Alexander (OLD 37)

“It smelled like dead bodies.”  –Evan Seinfeld, Attika7 

Press Review excerpts

“…for fans of bloodcurdling horror, it is like a dream come true…The 3-D effects are stunning…a truly intense and horrific experience that will most likely have an effect on you long after you leave the grounds. Forget what you know about theme park haunted houses. There is simply no reference for this…the sets are expertly crafted and the actors are top-notch. This is Hollywood horror at its finest…To Zombie’s credit, he holds back nothing, delivering a truly frightening experience that is vivid and supremely unforgettable. It is provocative, graphic and quite daring. In a very real way, he has re-invented the haunted house. We cannot wait to return.” –Chris Epting,

“All of the demented, satanic, bloody – yet, at times, comical – things that have defined rocker-turned-horror-director Rob Zombie’s film career are all coming to life in his Great American Nightmare fest…” –Kelli Skye Fadroski, Orange County Register

“one of the Top 5 EDM Halloween parties” –Alejandra Loera, OC Weekly

“…far and away the most intensely disturbing haunted house we have ever experienced…This is no schlock – the level of detail is truly jaw-dropping…one hell of a good time.” –Joe Daly, Metal Hammer

“…great for the whole family…if you’re the Manson family!” –Allie Mac Kay, KTLA Morning News

“…one of the biggest Halloween events in the country…” –Paige Montgomery, Viva Glam Magazine

“The mazes are structured as a one…two…three punch of horror goodness, each attacking you in a different way…If you’re looking for the next step in adult orientated Halloween fun, then this may be it.” –Christopher M. Jimenez, Shock Til You Drop

“They are done so well I can’t even begin to tell you how floored I was at the design of this event…It is truly amazing and if you can handle it…Do not miss the chance to see this!!!!” –Designing The Fear