Rob Zombie supporting Puppy Rescue Mission

Rob Zombie Puppy Rescue Mission

Rob Zombie is donating the badass Counting Cars truck, as seen in July, to The Puppy Rescue Mission. The mission, helps dogs rescued by soldiers while on their tour of duty – animals that not only give the soldiers much needed bonds, but whom have also saved the soldiers. Says Rob: “… soldiers in Afghanistan would find these dogs and bond with them and sneak them on the bases, even though they weren’t supposed to have them.  It was probably the only moment of sanity for these guys, when they spent time with them….But they weren’t allowed to take them home, and if they could, it was so expensive. That was a cause I could really understand and get behind.”

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To help the charity, Rob is donating, for a special raffle, the truck fans would have seen in the July 2013, Mayhem special of Counting Cars. A specially painted truck complete with Rob Zombie’s image on the hood.

Puppy Rescue Mission added “The support of military men and women, and their battle buddies, is so greatly appreciated.”

The raffle will happen in September, but more details on the raffle will be coming soon, but in the meantime please take the time to find out more about this fantastic organization and check out below the truck, and some images of Rob Zombie, his band and the soldiers and their dogs.

Visit: The Puppy Rescue Mission

The badass Counting Cars truck Rob Zombie will be raffling it off for charity starting in September.


From Rob: “Here’s a dog I met in Seattle. I think this guy was saved in Afghanistan. Once again a very cool, mellow dog.”

Rob Zombie Puppy Rescue Mission

From Rob: “Here’s another rescued pup and some vets we met at the Hartford show. This dog was really chill… as were the soldiers.”

Rob Zombie Puppy Rescue Mission