Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor review: ‘Go buy this album it is immense. That is all.’


Another fantastic review we wanted to share – this time from UK publication Matterz (VRRV was released inthe UK on Monday 22 April) who award the album a RESOUNDING TEN outta TEN.  In this breakdown of the album, the reviewer says “This is an entertainer who knows his craft, from the brilliance of the set designs to his onstage chemistry with his band it certainly seems he loves putting on a show.”

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Rob Zombie- Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor Review
Review by Nathan Kerridge-Porter

Rob Zombie, you may know him as director of Horror films as the Halloween remake, The Devil’s Rejects or the new Lords of Salem based on the famous witch trials in the town of Salem. I hope they release this in my local cinema; I want to be frightened by Mr Zombie.

He also makes music, his last release 3 years ago called Hellbilly Deluxe 2, and yeah it’s the short title. His new opus Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor carries on suite.

This album has been on repeat for a good few days which should tell you how good this is. This is Rob at his best. The songs are as heavy as Thor’s hammer and also have a dance beat that most consider strange of a heavy band, yet if you know Zombie and his past efforts this comes as no surprise.

He seems to be able to combine heavy metal with so much more and make it all work; there are electronic passes that just seem to fit like a glove. John5’s guitar work is always superb with the widdley widdley guitar and mixing his other loves which includes country (if you have the time check out some of his Youtube videos) into Rob’s new album. Certainly he has added such a great dynamic to the band both in the studio and live.

Songs that get your foot pounding kick off from word go; I often found my foot involuntary doing double bass kicks from under my desk. The album opens with a track entitled Teenage Nosferatu Pussy, which starts with a usual Zombie opening of using film soundtracks of dialogue; he’s a massive horror fanatic so I’m assuming this is from a horror film. It then hits with a groove guitar and drum sound that would make the dead walk and head bang along. Rob’s voice certainly hasn’t diminished over the years from White Zombie, unbelievable that it was formed in 1985!

The next is the single and deservedly so, it just screams video but then I think every song on this album could be a single. The song again hits the typical Zombie groove and to be quite honest this album will be a treat live. The song is again a long title called Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown; I wish Zombie would have smaller titles. The video for it is pure Zombie weirdness mixing in so many of the weird and wonderful vices that make up Rob’s persona.

Well this is undoubtedly in the position for one of my top albums of the year, if only he could make some of his titles a little shorter and less of a tongue twister haha.

I’m so glad Rob still continues to make music; he really pours his love of music and horror themes into this. I have been a fan for a good number of years, unfortunately I wasn’t even born when White Zombie was formed but if I offer any advice go see them LIVE. This is an entertainer who knows his craft, from the brilliance of the set designs to his onstage chemistry with his band it certainly seems he loves putting on a show.

10/10 Go buy this album it is immense. That is all.

Review by Nathan Kerridge-Porter