Broken Neck Radio review Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor: [Rob Zombie goes] back to his roots

Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor

So guys and gals you’ve had your eyeballs pleasured by the new video Dead City Radio and are hopefully ramped up even more-so for the new album Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor which is out on April 23 – which is just 15 little days away. In the meantime, read this review from Broken Neck Radio, who’s review can be summed up the same way as he talks about the new album “FUCKING BRILLIANT!” To read the review in full

PK’s Album Reviews – Rob Zombie’s “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor”

Welcome to something that I have to say tickles my fancy!! ROB FUCKING ZOMBIE!!! Has this man been busy and in the spot light for the past however many fucking years! He has been one of one of my favourite artists and there is a lot to talk about here so shall we get started? For the folks who lived under a rock and have no clue on who Rob Zombie is… well grab your popcorn and beer and here is a little history:

Back when the world of Metal was young and so was I, in the year 1985, from the grave came a band that was so original that it made HUGE waves in the metal scene. That band was none other than White Zombie, which was founded by Rob Zombie and his girlfriend at the time Sean Yseult (Personal note one of the best bass players out there!). After two albums that didn’t quite hit mainstream yet but was gaining popularity their third album “La Sexorcisto: Devils Music, Vol 1” Came out in 1992 and blew open the metal era with its original style that made horror movie music seem like a Disney song. From there White Zombie brought out another album “Astro Creep: 2000” in 1995, and then from there White Zombie decided to call it quits even though many of their fans were massively upset, Rob Zombie decided to continue by starting a solo career.

Rob Zombie managed to continue on with his music, also bring in his twisted and very fucked up ideas into horror films. During his solo career he has created four albums, five if you count the one that is coming out April 23rd, and four major horror films including two remakes, Halloween and Halloween II. His fifth anticipated horror movie “The Lords of Salem” is coming out in theatres April 19th.

So 23 years in the making Rob Zombie has done everything he said his sights on, and still continues to rock and shock both the music world and the movie industry. However we are here to talk about the new album.

How does it sound? FUCKING BRILLIANT! Just like his history it has LOTS in this album!

So folks I have been a fan of White Zombie/Rob Zombies music since 1991, and I always have loved it when new material came out from him, and I was one of the metal heads that was pissed off to hear that White Zombie was breaking up and scared to think there would have been no more of their fucked up style of music. Hell I remember walking home three hours from a friend place listening to “La Sexorcisto: Devils Music, Vol 1” till my batteries died in my CD walkman, being more upset that the batteries died then being soaked to the bone after walking three hours in the rain.

Just like everyone here that have been fans of his work I have had my ups and downs while following his music during his solo career, being pissed off that he brought out something like “Hellbilly Deluxe 2”, or being on the fence with “Educated Horses” and in all honesty just about missed out on “The Sinister Urge” but glad I didn’t after being so fucking happy that “Hellbilly Deluxe” came out with the Rob Zombie style I grew to love that day in the rain! I got to wonder will Rob Zombie ever come back from grave from “Hellbilly Deluxe 2” that made me hope so because I was missing the Rob Zombie from back in the day.

Well for all the old school fans of Rob/White out there… FEAR NOT HE IS FUCKING BACK!!! For the ones that got to know him from the last two albums… THIS is what Rob is meant to make for music!

Let’s start with the song names! I don’t normally do this, but when Rob Zombie changed his style it seemed like dropped the messed up names. However the first song on this album brings back the days of him being with White Zombie and not caring about the song names or what people would think of them… I mean “Teenage Nosferatu Pussy”, that right there is a classic White Zombie name, you know there is something there that is going to be just fucked up and it is, but fucked up in a good way! It starts off with his typical sound clip but then comes into a hard rocking song that just picks you up makes you head bang and want more of this!

It just doesn’t stop there!! Then comes the first song that he brought out as a single to promote this album yet with another fucked up name “Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown”. This song if you haven’t heard it yet has some of his newer sound to it but has the added older style come in with it.

There is even some… well…. I guess I have to put it as a unique song like “Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga” I really can’t let you know what it is about or like, you have to listen to it in order to understand, it is just a great sort of song that makes you go… WTF was that? However want to listen to it over and over again!

After that it keeps going, for a solid twelve songs that as he used to create in his earlier albums, tie into each other with either sound clips or just the style of the song. Even have the short instrumentals in there that he had in other albums. You however will not find any song that has the same as the title of the album, you will come close, but that is how original yet nostalgic this album is! You will even be surprised by how some may take almost a techno sounding song like “Rock and Roll (in a Black Hole)” then tease you with guitars, and a lot of sound clips.. Then fully bring in the metal during the chorus. It seriously grabs you by the private parts and doesn’t let go!

There is even a remake of a song… one that you don’t think would fit on a Rob Zombie album, which is Grand Fun Railroad’s “We’re An American Band” I don’t know what to say about this, but bring on the cowbells the heavy guitar and the voice of Rob Zombie and you have one GREAT remake! This feels like a great homage to some classic rock that was made for Rob Zombie to re do it 40 years later! Honestly if you haven’t see Rob Zombie live he always teased playing some other songs that weren’t his and then say some sarcastic thing about the crowd coming to see him and not some cover band, but if he did this song live, I would love to hear what he has to say about it.. Cause it is a great song and a great cover!

Lyrics he has for his songs, are the typical Rob Zombie style however reaching down to his roots of the older music, it now makes the songs complete unlike “Hellbilly Deluxe 2”, which left me feel empty and wondering what direction he was trying to go with the whole album.

So what is the best and what is the worst? Well, this is going to be one of the hardest Best/Worst I have done in a very long time!

Best – The full album, it has brought back Rob Zombie’s full potential of music in a horror/carnival/metal/…. well a old school Rob Zombie album with just a hint of the new style he brought from his solo career. After the previous albums this is so refreshing to see him come back with his style that he can put all of his songs in his movies or any horror movies, having him pay tribute to classical music and not fucking it up like I have heard others do, makes me respect Rob Zombie so much more than I had. I can not wait to hear these songs and all the other songs live when he goes on tour again!

Worst – That it actually had to end, no seriously from the start to finish it gave me such joy to hear all the songs that when the last note of the song came around almost 50 mins later I was sad I wanted to hear more of his stuff. During this review I have actually listened to this album five times and I want so much more!!

Over all this is a PERFECT 10/10 and it gets my vote to go out and buy this album when it comes out April 23rd! I have not felt this way about a Zombie album in a long time, I’m so glad he went back to his roots and just brought back his style that made him famous and added a bit of a modern touch to it. Hell back in the 90’s he was ahead of his time for the style back then, and he has brought it back for today’s music to bring him back to the top of the game and his league for metal. THIS is what a Zombie album should be sounding, and anything going forward should be just like this album! ROB ZOMBIE IS BACK KICKING ASS AND MAKING YOUR HEAD BANG!

For now this is PK saying ROCK ON and we will see you on the next show!

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