Dee Wallace talks ‘Lords of Salem’

Dee Wallace

Actress Dee Wallace is an old hat when it comes to working with Rob Zombie, after appearing in his re-imaging of Halloween as Cynthia Strode. She will next be seen in Zombie’s The Lords of Salem as one of the more sinister ladies of the cast, and she recently sat with  To read her views about the film and working with Rob Zombie 


Lords of Salem feels like it has been shrouded in secrecy, but that may just be because we have been hearing about it for years. What can you tell us about your role in it?

I think part of that is who Rob is. He’s a great showman; he’s a private person. He knows that the power of his films is not to give everything away before you see it, because then you don’t experience it fully.

It’s about the witches of Salem. We follow the bloodline and the curse into current day. I play one of the witches – there are three of us – that have been given the job of helping deliver payback to all of the ancestors of the original people who burned the witches in the first place. Rob wrote the part for me. Initially, I am a self-help guru, but I get to play a very big arc. Of course, the person who helps us access all that we have to do is Sherri Moon Zombie.

You’ve worked with Rob on several pictures. He seems to like working with the same actors. Does that help foster a family feel on set?

He loves bringing back and honoring horror icons. He’s very faithful to some people, then reaches out to other people who fall into that category. For example, Patricia Quinn is from Rocky Horror Picture Show. She plays one of the witches. What I love about working with Rob, and with Anthony Ferrante, is that they have a very clear vision and they give you an amazing amount of freedom to come in and create what you want. For me, that is the best of the creative worlds: when everyone comes in and says, “This is the goal we have to get to, now let’s hear all your ideas of how we do it. If I don’t like it, I will pull you back, but if I do, I will give you all the rope in the world.”

The Lords of Salem is released April 19 2013.

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