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Dee Wallace: ‘I love working with Rob because he allows his vision to take a different form if it works’

Dee Wallace

Actress Dee Wallace, recently sat with Daily Dead and spoke about working with Rob Zombie on the forthcoming The Lords of Salem.

Dee Wallace has previously worked with Rob, in his re-imagining of the Halloween movies.  To read her comments on the film 

Another movie you recently appeared in that our readers are looking forward to is The Lords of Salem. I had a chance to check it out at TIFF and think that your fans will really enjoy your role in it. What can you tell me about your time on the set?

Dee Wallace: I had a great time doing that role because of the art I got to make. A lot of that wasn’t planned until we were in the moment. After a big turn in the movie, and I don’t want to give it away, I told Rob that I can’t be the same person. Sonny has to make a transition, and I told him what I had in mind. The brilliance of a true great director for me is to have a clear vision, but to be so secure, that you’re willing to hear ideas from your cinematographer and actors. He had no problem throwing our ideas in.

A lot of my final scenes were ad-libbed, and that came about because Rob said to go ahead and try those ideas I had. I love working with Rob because he allows his vision to take a different form if it works.

That’s the true brilliance of a great director. It happened to me with Blake Edwards, and it happened to me with Steven Spielberg. They don’t have the fear of time or money, which limits creativity that others can bring forward.