Revisiting Post Mortem with Rob Zombie [Watch]

Rob Zombie Interview Fear Net Post Mortem Mick Garris

Fear Net has revisited an interview they conducted with Rob Zombie back in 2009.  Post Mortem with Mick Garris saw Rob Zombie discuss in depth his film making decisions, his preparation and writing, how he approaches casting and more.  This five video interview is worth seeing again and along with Fear Net we have posted the whole interview here.  So to read more and to see all five videos (you will need Flash to view them), 

Revisiting Post Mortem: Rob Zombie Rob Galluzzo

Whether you like the films of Rob Zombie or not, you can’t argue that he always makes for a fascinating interview. I tend to fall in the camp that loves The Devil’s Rejects, Zombie’s second feature length film as a writer/director, and although I have mixed feelings on the other titles in his filmography, I still find them all to be intriguing projects worth revisiting. Next year’s Lords Of Salem is already among one of my most anticipated genre titles of 2013. That said, when Mick Garris sat down with Zombie for his episode of Post Mortem, I was again stuck by how down to earth, straight forward and well spoken Zombie is, especially when it comes to discussing both his experiences as a filmmaker and his love of movies in general. We’re representing his interview below in 5 parts which cover a myriad of topics.

In Part 1, Garris gets Zombie to open up on his decision to tackle the Halloween remake, his ambitious plan to split up the first movie into two parts and how he somewhat regrets making the second half too close to Carpenter’s original. In Part 2, Zombie talks about how he came back into the fold to do Halloween 2 and his approach to revisiting those characters, in particular his & Malcolm McDowell’s version of Dr. Loomis. Curious about Zombie’s filmmaking process? In Part 3, he goes into detail about his preparation and writing, as well as how he approaches casting. He also elaborates on his bizarre animated movie The Haunted World of el Superbeasto and his general love of art and painting.

Part 4 covers his first forey into directing with the Universal Horror Nights video segments and how that led to the long process of making his debut feature House Of 1000 Corpses. And finally in Part 5, he points out the relation to heavy metal music and horror movies as both never getting their due respect. All in all, this interview makes for an intimate and candid portrait of one of the most interesting genre filmmakers currently working. Check out Post Mortem: Rob Zombie!

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