Rob Zombie displays ‘Unfathomable levels of charisma’ at London show

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So the Twins of Evil roared into London on Monday night with a fiery mix of mayhem and music.  We are seeing some great feedback from the fans and wanted to share some reviews of the show too.  So here are excerpts from two: one from and the other from Metal Hammer (who have a special Twins of Evil feature in their latest edition).

And let us know what you thought.  We have a special area on the forum for fans to share their experiences on each individual date of the tour here: Twins of Evil Tour Index


From Stereoboard:

If an official ‘Blow your co-headliner clean off the stage’ competition ever popped into existence, then Rob Zombie would surely win. Appearing on stage via the medium of a 12 ft robot is exactly how he would do it. Yes, that’s right. This actually happened. Opening his set with the melodramatic stomp of ‘Jesus Frankenstein’ really is a spectacle to behold; Zombie and his undead brethren clad in matching Union Jack trench coats only adds to the gravity of the unfolding madness.

Mr. Zombie’s dabbling in the film industry shines through tonight; screens projecting distorted scenes from classic horror movies perfectly compliment his unique brand of spooky industrial metal. There is always something going on, whether it’s a giant pumpkin man whacking out successions of sweat-inducing dance moves, or a backdrop of scorching pyrotechnics. But it doesn’t detract from the quality of the music. Not one bit. Unfathomable levels of charisma simply reside in the very heart of this band; guitarist John 5 is an absolute wonder to behold, shredding away at his axe whilst Rob throws an inflatable beach ball at him (there were also beach balls. Did I mention the beach balls?). Zombie himself breaks the mould of ‘serious metal frontman’, humorously egging the crowd on between songs and even standing at the barrier during White Zombie classic ‘More Human Than Human’. Sprinting across the stage like a homeless version of Bruce Dickinson, Zombie’s energetic delivery puts Manson to shame (especially given the fact that he is 4 years Manson’s senior).

Egos are kept in check, as Mr. Zombie allows ample time for his merry men to show London their playing chops. Most people tend to grumble at the concept of a drum solo at a gig, yet tub-basher Ginger Fish (I highly suspect that this isn’t his real name) blends his primitive drumming technique with sound bites from horror movies. This makes for a thoroughly interesting two and a half minutes, rather than the usual toilet break during a drum solo. John 5’s guitar solo also adds extra flavour to proceedings, as his technical style tends to go unnoticed and unappreciated in his contributions to the Manson and Zombie albums he’s played on in the past. Zombie even has the balls to screen a trailer for his upcoming film ‘The Lords Of Salem’ in between songs. These ridiculously high levels of showmanship just make it seem like Zombie is the real headliner, whilst Manson merely adopts the role of the support act.

All bases are covered tonight; fan favourites such as ‘Meet The Creeper’ and ‘Scum Of The Earth’ are interspersed with newer material such as ‘Mars Needs Women’ and the infectiously catchy anthem of ‘Sick Bubblegum’. Of course, it’s the inevitable encore of immortal single ‘Dragula’ that truly squirts the icing on top of this decomposing, fiendish cake. It’s just something that I can’t explain; watching Zombie and his crew absolutely owning the stage, then turning around and witnessing the entirety of the O2 Arena sing along to a band that hasn’t really had massive levels of mainstream success on these shores. Because who needs a Number 1 album when you have copious amounts of confetti and a seemingly endless supply of beach balls instead? You don’t even need to answer that question.

From Metal Hammer:

It becomes pretty damn evident that Zombie is going to steal the show spectacularly before he even arrives onstage, with that giant, flaming, green-eyed robot of his getting wheeled out and left stationary for a few tantalising minutes before the man himself leaps out and launches himself into Jesus Frankenstein. It’s big, it’s ludicrous but it’s absolutely brilliant, and while his overall stage show is still pretty close to the one he brought over for Download and in February last year, seeing it on this kind of scale is still a helluva sight to behold.

Even with the White Zombie classics thrown in, you’d be extremely hard-pushed to argue that Zombie’s back catalogue can match Manson’s finest moments, but the likes of Superbeast and Meet The Creeperturns the mood in the arena upside down, and by the time he drops Living Dead Girl (complete with a duly met request to have pretty much every girl in the building up on someone’s shoulders), it’s a straight up horror-movie heavy metal party in here.

There are so many cameos from giant monsters, demons and robots of various shapes and sizes that it’s hard to keep count, while some carefully placed moments of pyro and confetti and gnarly visuals courtesy of some impressively huge LED screens does a venue this size some serious justice. The fact that guitarist and drummer (and former Marilyn Manson alumni) John 5 and Ginger Fish get to bust out solos that actually go down a storm (in Ginger’s case partially thanks to some well-timed horror visuals and in John’s partially thanks to Zombie himself heading out into the crowd) says it all about just how electric this gig is – and there’s even time for an airing of the awesome Lords Of Salem trailer to top it all off. The cheeky sod.

Rob throws himself into everything like it’s his first time headlining a big show, demanding crowd participation at all times and leading the thousands in attendance into a thunderous Sick Bubblegum, a perfect if brief cover of Alice Cooper classic School’s Out and, of course, the career-best banger that isDragula. It’s a pretty flawless set and he’s rarely still for any of it, and while it’d be silly to ignore the fact that a far, far superior stage show to his fellow Twin Of Evil certainly helps his cause tonight, he proves that he’s still as on top of his game as a frontman and a showman as ever. Fair play, young Robert. Here’s hoping Brian steps it up another notch next time around.