‘Mind-blowing’ Twins of Evil Dallas show reviewed

Rob Zombie photo by Jeff Resta

The Twins of Evil US leg rounded off with a spectacular show in Dallas on Halloween.  The Examiner has reviewed the show.  Find out at the end of the article how you can see images from both sets. The Twins fo Evil will be in Europe at the end of November.

Zombie and Manson Twins of Evil Tour by Jeff Resta

You knew with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson co-headlining the Twins of Evil Tour on Halloween night was going to be so wickedly awesome, but this show was mind-blowing. Often times when two top billing bands “co-headline” there is usually a noticeable difference in staging, lighting and even sound giving you the feeling that there is still a headliner! Not here. The way in which both bands were able to switch up the stage was genius, continually and seamlessly changing along with outfits and costumes to match.

Marilyn Manson opened the show and came out with guns firing and taking no prisoners with “Hey, Cruel World” from his latest album. Dressed in full war gear and mask, crosses hanging from the ceiling. He was there for your soul and does not give a F#@$ about anything but what he wants to do, which is putting on one hell of a great show! Manson is easily one of the top performers around, with an amazing band and hats off as always to his team of lighting, staging, sound and wardrobe. They killed it! “Disposable Teens”, “The Love Song”, “mOBSCENE”, “Rock is Dead”, were a few of the highlights closing with “The Beautiful People”. Manson ROCKS!

As if that wasn’t enough already, Rob Zombie emerges from a robot to take the stage with “Jesus Frankenstein”. His stage design keeps getting better and better no matter what size of stage he is on. There was fire always brewing above layer of LED lights. The top layer were screens with all kinds of vintage and evil footage as Rob Z continues to grow in the realm of movies. Not only is Rob Z a high energetic entertainer, he is also a great dancer moving about the stage. You are pulled into his wickedness lit up with great colors and pyrotechnics at all the right times. One of the best shows touring from every aspect. “Superbeast”, “Meet the Creeper”, Never Gonna Stop”, “Scum of the Earth” and “Pussy Liquor” were a few highlights, closing out the show with “Dragula”. Not to mention the insane guitar solo by John 5 that ranks him at the top of rock’s guitar gods was one of the biggest highlights. “More Human Than Human” and the classic “Thunder Kiss ’65” were the White Zombie Songs. Zombie RULES!

If you didn’t enjoy this show, you were not alive. This duo could come back next year and hopefully they will. One “Freaker’s Ball” to remember. It was also great people watching with many fans dressed to impress with intricate and detailed Halloween costumes. Verizon Theatre was the perfect venue for this show and the best venue in Dallas (IMO).

Manson only allowed one song to shoot, which was a surprise. But Zombie allowed the first three as usual. Manson is definitely known for not liking having his press photographers. These two remain on my must see list anytime they come to town, or even anywhere! This was the last Twins of Evil show in the US that will pick back up in Europe later this month.

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