Zombie speaks to STV ahead of next months Glasgow show about touring and The Lords of Salem

In late November, Rob Zombie will be heading over to the UK to do a set of four dates from Glasgow to London and a few places inbetween.  Ahead of the Glasgow date, Rob chatted with STV Entertainment to talk touring and making movies. You can read the interview here and see a video interview from STV on their website by clicking HERE.

Filmmaker, musician Rob Zombie says he can’t choose whether he prefers making music or movies, because he views them as interchangeable.

“Film and music just seem indistinguishable from one another,” he explained.

“Music is incredibly important for any film. Early on, any time there’s music in my movies I always know I’m gonna use it so far in advance of even shooting. Sometimes it will even inspire the script.”

Zombie is keeping busy with both genres by currently touring with rocker Marilyn Manson in the Twins of Evil tour in both the United States and Europe – which will visit Glasgow SECC on Wednesday, November 28.

“That’s gonna be a good tour,” he said. “I’ve known (Manson) for a long time but we’ve never toured.

“I mean we’ve played shows together, we never toured together and it’s one of those tours that’s working out. I mean the ticket sales are crazy good because I think it’s one of those ones where one and one makes three. Where like the kids are like, ‘yes, two bands’ because I figured if you like one you probably like the other for the most part.

“So yeah, it’s great. He’ll open the night and I’ll close the night, but everybody does their full headlining show.”

Zombie’s next film The Lords of Salem is expected to be released in 2013. He wrote the script about residents of the city of Salem, Massachusetts who are visited by a coven of ancient witches. It played at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival to generally positive reviews.

“People have seen it now and I can tell they’re like, ‘I’m not even sure if I liked it but I have to see it again immediately, because I’m still trying to figure it out’. I like that about movies.

“There have been movies that I’ve watched over and over and I’m not even sure if I liked the movie but there’s something about it that keeps pulling me back. I feel like that’s been missing from movies because the studio system doesn’t like that. Everything has to be completely understandable, it seems, from A to B, and they’re so afraid the audience is gonna get confused for a second and want to tune out.

“I always feel like: ‘Why does everything have to be completely understandable all the time?’ Nothing in life is ever completely understandable.'”

And to see the video click the following link: http://entertainment.stv.tv/music/195993-rob-zombie-on-touring-with-marilyn-manson-and-filming-the-lords-of-salem/