Rob Zombie talks about The Lords of Salem with

Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie at the Lords of Salem premiere

Rob Zombie may be out on tour at the moment, strutting his stuff with his “twin” of “evil” Marilyn Manson, but lets not forget about a little project called The Lords of Salem (for which some of you will have seen the trailer and some may have seen the premiere in Toronto).  The movie has picked up a distributor but the release date is still in the works (soon!).  As such caught up with Rob to have a little chat about the film.


Haverhill native Rob Zombie has been talking about his movie “The Lords of Salem” while promoting his tour with Marilyn Manson. He confirmed to Loudwire Radio that the movie company Anchor Bay did buy the locally set, Zombie-directed horror film after seeing it at the Toronto International Film Festival. He also said, of the movie, which stars his wife,Sheri Moon Zombie, “Well, I grew up in Massachusetts, so I was always very aware of the Salem Witch Trials even as a little kid sometimes the class field trip would be to go to Salem and, you know, they would have reenactments of the witch trials and, you know, lovely things like this for the kids to watch, but I was always well aware of it, you know, the wax museums in that area would have witch trial displays and things. But I hadn’t really thought of it in a long, long time. And about seven years ago, I went to a wedding in Massachusetts and I was just bored and I was in the hotel lobby in the gift store and I bought a book about Salem Witch Trials just to read it and kill time, and it just got me thinking about it and I just came up with this idea . . . a very rough idea. And I kind of jotted down a few notes and forgot all about it. And then, about seven years later, the opportunity came up to make a film but, the only stipulation was — I mean, the budget was the first stipulation but, they just wanted something with a supernatural edge and I remembered this idea and that’s how I sort of dug it out of mothballs and brought it out and started working on it.” Zombie shot some of the movie in Salem, but finished many of the big scenes in California. Zombie and Manson play the Verizon Wireless Arena in New Hampshire on Oct. 21.