REVIEW: Zombie at the DTE Energy Music Theatre October 12, 2012

Read Motor City Blogs review of Zombies performance  from October 12’s Twins of Evil show.

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What better way to close out the concert season at one of the most often top ranked music venues in the country than with a chilly October night featuring two of the most chilling and thematic acts touring this year. Veteran shock rocker Marilyn Manson paired up with horror aficionado Rob Zombie to bring a stunning, emphatic close to the concert season at DTE Energy Music Theatre on Friday October 12th…..with terror master Rob Zombie storming forth for his set from a giant mechanical creature, harking back to the days when metal bands put on a true kick ass stage show. The stage adorned with multiple video screens playing clips of horror movies, anime, and gratuitous naked heaving breasts, the band launched in to a full on assault on the senses. Fire, flames, smoke, twenty foot tall robots, fireworks, bouncing beach balls, confetti, you name it, they pulled it out of their ass. Easily one of the best produced stage shows I’ve witnessed this year, I’d even go as far to say that Rob Zombie and crew blew away my favorite stage act, the veterans Iron Maiden. Rob Zombie knows how to put a show together, and witnessing this set was almost as good as being on the set of a live horror picture filming. It was an engaging and phenomenal production, one that I am glad to have been party to witness. Get your asses out to this tour and see it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!