And the show goes ON! REVIEW: Zombie Invades The Covelli Centre With Manson

Yes, yes, storm in a teacup as the Brits would say. Sod the gossip because the show goes on. Read this excellent review for the Youngstown Ohio show and don’t forget, tickets are still available in some places, and Golden Tickets too, so if you haven’t booked yet, what are you waiting for. Thanks to 98.5 WNCX for the review.

The resounding call of the Zombie has once again been answered last night at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio. The “Twins of Evil” tour infiltrated the unsuspecting arena with Marilyn Manson and Slipknot’s #0, DJ Starscream, providing opening support for Rob Zombie who was at the helm of this metal madness. Without fail or disappointment, Rob Zombie delivered his sensuous onslaught with bombast and fervor.

DJ Starscream kicked the night off with grotesquely intriguing mixes coupled with disturbing horror movie samples. This debauchery roared on with the tour’s first twin, Marilyn Manson, who preformed a lack-luster full set of fan favorites and tracks from his new album, Born Villain, paired — naturally — with obscene imagery, intricate stage props, and emotive light show. After Manson’s set, fans waited anxiously in front of a King Kong stage curtain while Zombie’s crew set up his brand new props and LCD light screens.

The Covelli Centre roared with vehement cheering as the curtain dropped while the introduction for Jesus Frankenstein played — the hungry crowd was now exposed to the aesthetic explosion of this Zombie jamboree. Perched high on a drum riser in mid-stage, Ginger Fish, joined by John 5 and Piggy D, who simultaneously strutted out with intensity from stage left and right, set the scene for Rob Zombie’s surprise — to a first-time viewer — appearance from a fiery anthropoid metal cage. Zombie’s set-list was chock full with twelve of the group’s usual hits and favorites, but curve-balls were thrown out when Hellbilly Deluxe‘s Meet the Creeper and a cover of Alice Cooper’s School’s Out rounded out the their performance.

Zombie supplied a engrossing visual feast by implementing massive industrial stage props, LCD columns flooded with film and photographic samples, pyrotechnics, and stage aerobatics. The latter, paired fervently with thundering, virtuosic instrumentation and vocal performances, served the proper amount of sensual destruction that only this Zombie horde can provide. After Detroit’s stressful mis-communication with Manson and ensuing blow-out, Rob Zombie, seemingly unaffected, rose above and provided his fans what they have come to know and love — a bombastically brilliant show of monstrous proportions in perfect time for Halloween celebration.