Director Jason Eisner picks The Lords of Salem as one of his top three anticipated movies at this years Toronto Film Festival

Lords of salem tease

Jason Eisner picked The Lords of Salem which is due to premiere at the Toronto Internation Film Festival this September as one of his highly anticipated movies, when he spoke to TIFF’s Midnight Madness Blog.  Read his thoughts below.

“The Devil’s Rejects is a huge inspiration. Before it’s release I remember hearing that Rob Zombie was going to use Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird”. I thought “how the hell can you do justice to Free Bird?” Well Rob Zombie sure as hell did! It’s the perfect song to be destroyed too. It inspired me to have a playlist on my iphone that reads “Incase of plane crash” which only features Free Bird.

I love old, rusty carnival haunted house rides, especially the ones where you fear that the ride could break down and you could actually get hurt. House of 1000 Corpses is one of the closest’s cinematic experiences to capturing that feeling. It’s watched every Halloween at my place.

Which brings me to Halloween 2. Brandon Trost’s DOP work in that film is fucking incredible! And Zombie brings some insane moments that brought a huge smile to my face. I’m an obsessed fan of the Halloween series, and I appreciate that this film steers away from what we’re used to seeing. It offers something different, so much so that I wish the character wasn’t named Myers, and was just some pissed off homeless guy who eats dogs, kills pimps, hicks and is haunted by his mom’s ghost, riding a white stallion!!

The idea of Brandon Trost and Rob Zombie working together again on The Lords of Salem has me extremely excited. I’m not gonna lie, I watched the damn bootleg trailer that was recorded on an iphone from one of Zombie’s concerts and it had me screaming “Hail Satan”!”