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Archive for September, 2012

Artist Direct Review: There’s no experience on earth like a Rob Zombie show

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson to appear at Desert Uprising
The reviews are coming in. Check this great one from ArtistDirect.

On the other end of the spectrum yet equally powerful and memorable, Rob Zombie killed with kinetic energy as the “Twins of Evil” tour pairing him and Marilyn Manson also kicked off as part of Desert Uprising.There’s no experience on earth like a Rob Zombie show. If you haven’t seen him, you haven’t lived, and that’s a fact. Let that marinate… (more…)

Rob Zombie to appear on Loudwire Radio this weekend – read an excerpt of the interview NOW!

Rob Zombie embarks on his co-headlining Twins of Evil tour with Marilyn Manson from tonight (September 28) in Arizona at the first Desert Uprising. But before he began the tour, Rob sat down with Loudwire Radio to chew the fat about the tour, his new movie The Lords of Salem and more.

To read an extract from the interview and find out where you can listen to Loudwire Radio (more…)

Revolver Magazine Excerpt – Rob Zombie talks The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie interviewed by Revolver Magazine

A few days ago we showcased the new cover of Revolver Magazine which this month features a Rock! Shock! and Horror! issue with Twins of Evil co-headliners, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson on the front, emulating an infamous scene from Stanley Kubricks classic The Shining.  Now Revolver magazine have released an excerpt of that interview online where Rob Zombie speaks about his new movie The Lords of Salem.

To see the extract and find out how to get hold of your copy of the magazine  (more…)

Rob Zombie on his next album: ‘by far the favorite thing I’ve ever done in my whole life.’

Rob Zombie, Piggy D, John 5 and Ginger Fish

Rob Zombie has been busy this year.  He has a new movie coming, he has released a remix album and he has also been in the studio recording a new album.  Couple that with a tour with Megadeth earlier this year and now a co-headliner with Marilyn Manson which kicks off this Friday (28 September).

The Phoenix New Times Blog caught up with Rob a few days ago and asked him about his new record, touring with Manson and girls in the crowd at his shows.  Enjoy!

Rob Zombie on His New Record, New Movie, and Why Metal Shows Need Girls By Lauren Wise

Rob Zombie isn’t out to terrify you. He’s out to blow your mind. He holds a number of titles: director, artist, musician, actor, writer, lover, and freak show.

And everything he does is loaded up with theatrics, subtle intelligence, and aggression.  (more…)

Rob Zombie: ‘To me, nothing matters but the show.’

It is just two days until the Twins of Evil hits the road.  Preparations have been made, props are in transit and you can hear all across the land the faint chant of “Zombie, Zombie, Zombie”.  In the run up to the tour, Denver’s Westword Blog, caught up with Rob as he was making his way to check out props for the show.  Enjoy the interview!

Rob Zombie on Pee-wee’s Playhouse, and how he’s not on tour to party and to fuck around By Tom Murphy

Rob Zombie originally came to prominence with his first band, White Zombie. With a penchant for campy horror imagery and music that was the perfect mutant blend of an industrial aesthetic with trashy metal and punk, White Zombie was one in a handful of bands that crossed the alternative-rock world and the metal world at a time when the former was going out of vogue. (more…)

Slipknot’s Sid Wilson to replace J-Devil on Twins of Evil tour

Slipknots Sid Wilson to replace Jonathan Davis on Twins of Evil Tour

J-Devil (aka Korn’s frontman Jonathan Davis) will be replaced on the Twins of Evil tour with Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, after doctors ordered Davis to take time out for exhaustion.  The decision was announced in an official statement;

“JDevil will no longer be able to join Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson on their co-headlining Twins Of Evil Tour this October. Due to exhaustion from his recent eight week overseas tour with KORN, Jonathan’s doctors have ordered him to refrain from any travel and performing for the next few weeks while he recuperates. We got this from management: ‘Jonathan is really bummed right now and regrets having to disappoint anyone, especially his fans and his good friends Marilyn Manson and Rob.’ We’ll keep you updated, everyone expects he’ll be back on track soon.”

We wish him all the best in recovering and welcome Sid Wilson on the tour.

EXCLUSIVELY available on the Twins of Evil tour – pre-release of The Lords of Salem t-shirt

From Rob Zombie’s Facebook page:

Exclusive pre-release THE LORDS OF SALEM shirt available only on the TWINS OF EVIL tour!

Rob Zombie talks stage and screen ahead of his Oct 4 date in Topeka

With just days to go until the Twins of Evil tour starts, Rob Zombie has spoken to The Topeka Capital Journal (CJOnline) about the tour, whether he watches his own movies and a lot more besides.  Enjoy!

Expo-bound Rob Zombie talks screen, stage by Bill Blankenship

Perhaps it is because Rob Zombie the rock star gets plenty of crowd feedback from the concert stage that Rob Zombie the filmmaker doesn’t feel compelled to sneak into the back of theaters to secretly gauge audience reaction. (more…)

For one night only Powerman 5000 joins the Twins of Evil

Powerman 5000

For one night only, October 5 2012 in St Louis, Spider One, little brother to Rob Zombie, will be joining the Twins of Evil tour as a special guest with his band Powerman 5000.

Powerman 5000 were formed in 1991.  Their most noteable sucess was the 1999 album Tonight the Stars Revolt which featured current Rob Zombie drummer Ginger Fish, who played piano on Watch The Sky for Me.

Powerman 5000 have been on tour in America over the past couple of months.  You can find out more about them by going to their website: Powerman5000.com


Golden Tickets extended for Rob Zombie tour dates

the one and only golden tickets rob zombie

The Twins of Evil tour is soon upon us.  One of the features of this tour, same as for the Rob Zombie/Megadeth, is the Golden Ticket experience.  Over the past couple of months as tour dates have been unveiled and ticket sales have been opened, some dates have had an extra feature if you go to The One and Only Golden Tickets.  A VIP ticket experience which includes amongst other features, a meet and greet with Rob Zombie.  Today The One and Only Golden Tickets has added more dates to the Rob Zombie experience, including Dallas and more dates in Europe.  To find out more about the dates and package details   (more…)

Wired gets into the mind of Rob Zombie [Watch]

Wired Magazine interviews Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is a massive fan of horror.  It’s a part of his music and is the genre he prefers to direct.

With The Lords of Salem premiering last week and gaining a distributor in the form of Anchor Bay, Zombie hopes to take his audience on another trip into what makes him tick.  In this video interview he talks to Wired about the movie, his influences and more.

To watch the interview and read more from Wired  (more…)

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson on the new Revolver


It’s the tour that should have happened a long time ago, it’s a tour that’s only a few short weeks away. The Twins of Evil, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, are teaming up for a co-headliner which is hitting the USA and Europe from September 28.

Go to the tour page to see where they are playing and buy tickets.

Check out this new Revolver cover. To see the full cover (more…)

Bloody Disgusting interviews Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips

Sheri Moon Zombie in The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombies The Lords of Salem has had an eventful week. Not only did it receive it’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festiva but it gained a distributor in the form of Anchor Bay Films. There’s been alot of press over the past few days and a good stream of interviews. Here’s a new one as Bloody Disgusting interview stars Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips.

Whether it’s cast or crew, Writer/Director Rob Zombie loves to stick to a core group. Like Quentin Tarantino, he enjoys casting some long forgotten talent from the genre titles he grew up on and admired. Zombie cleverly goes against our expectations and previous experiences with a certain actor and uses him or her in a refreshingly unexpected way. (more…)

CONTEST TIME: Rob Zombie movie character trick or treat costume photo comp – CLOSED


Zombieheads have always been great at showing their appreciation for Rob Zombie’s movies. Halloween is fast approaching, so what better time to launch a new Rob Zombie competition! It’s easy. Dress up and send us your photo. We want to see you as your favorite Rob Zombie film character. We want to see your best Spaulding, Baby, Dr Satan, El Superbeasto or even Debbie Myers, hell we want ’em all!

To enter, all you have to do is send an ORIGINAL photo of yourself, partying this Trick or Treat season as one of Rob Zombies film characters. It can’t be anything we have seen before and we want you to be imaginative and creative with this! We will award FOUR PRIZES! One for the most original, one for the scariest, one for the sexiest and one for all around best!


Glide Magazine interviews no-bullshit visionary Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is one of the most hardworking artists out there – he can’t sit for long and twiddle his thumbs in case he gets bored.  In this interview with Glide Magazine, the director and singer, talks about making movies, making music and what really scares him.

My Roots: Rob Zombie by Leslie Michele Derrough

Rob Zombie is a no-bullshit visionary. While leading White Zombie on a gory-fun trail through the rock & roll hemisphere, he carved up electrifying stage productions and music videos filled with fluorescently vivid images of the macabre while playing grungily catchy tunes; something that he continues to do with his solo band. Throwing his hat into the movie making business in 2003 with House Of A 1000 Corpses, Zombie found himself in a whole new world with more challenges for his creative brain. (more…)

Rob Zombie hits the right spooky notes with Lords of Salem

Karen Bliss of Rolling Stone Magazine caught a moment or two with Rob Zombie to speak about the music of The Lords of Salem.  Enjoy!

A short sequence of spooky notes is as critical as any character in Rob Zombie’s latest directorial endeavor, The Lords of Salem. The witchy strain lies at the core of all that goes horribly wrong for Heidi Hawthorne, the radio DJ, dog lover and former drug addict played by Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie.

Rob Zombie recalls standing in his back yard on the phone with John 5, the guitarist in his rock band, humming ideas back and forth to get that perfect passage of music for a film involving a 300-year-old witches’ coven, Beelzebub and a blasphemous modern-day rock station. (more…)

The Lords of Salem gets a distributor

Rob Zombie fans have been waiting for this movie for a while.  The Lords of Salem which received its premiere last week in Toronto has been teasing the fans with Rob’s regular updates from filming and production, on both his Facebook and here at the official site.  Now release comes one step closer as Anchor Bay signed up to distribute the movie in the USA.

“I have always been a fan of the care and respect Anchor Bay has put into their genre titles,” said Zombie, whose first film was the cult 2003 fright flick “House of 1000 Corpses,” in a statement. “I can’t wait to work together to bring this bizarre, special movie to the masses.”

Rob Zombie ‘goes for broke’ with The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem is setting horror alight, and in this new interview with Indiewire, Rob talks about how the movie came about, and what he feels about making another movie in the Halloween franchise.  Enjoy!

Rob Zombie on Going for Broke With ‘Lords of Salem’ and Why Making a Third ‘Halloween’ Would Be “Masochistic” by Nigel M Smith

Rob Zombie impressed many (ourselves included) with his grisly and demented sophomore effort, “The Devil’s Rejects,” only to betray many admirers of that film with his tepid stab at the “Halloween” franchise. After helming the 2009 sequel to that reboot, new film “The Lords of Salem” (which world premiered in Toronto earlier this week in the Midnight Madness section) finds Zombie back in non-remake mode with a gonzo tale that proves the musician turned filmmaker has lost none of his mojo. (more…)

Daily Dead interview Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie interviewed by Daily Dead

In another roundtable interview, horror website Daily Dead spoke with director Rob Zombie as he talked about his new movie The Lords of Salem, which had it’s premiere at this years Midnight Madness at Toronto International Film Festival.

Interview: Rob Zombie talks The Lords of Salem by Jonathan James

I’m really excited for our readers to check out The Lords of Salem when it is released. I enjoyed the film, but as I mentioned in my review yesterday, it’s going to be polarizing and I think there will be a plenty of interesting discussions on the movie.

I recently took part in an interview session with Rob Zombie, where he talks about his style of filmmaking, his influences, and his thoughts on the premiere screening: (more…)

Dreadcentral interview The Lords of Salem director Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie interviewed by Dreadcentral

Fresh from their exclusive interview with The Lords of Salem starts Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips, Dreadcentral have sat down with the director of the movie, Rob Zombie.  In this roundtable interview Rob talks about  whether the storyline was premeditated and working with the late Richard Lynch among other things.  Enjoy!

TIFF 2012: Exclusive Lords of Salem Interview with Director Rob Zombie by Serena Whitney

If there is one horror director who is unafraid of taking major risks in Hollywood, it has to be Rob Zombie, and he proved his level of fearlessness at the recent Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his latest horror film, The Lords of Salem, to a fueled-up crowd! (more…)

Rob Zombie talks about casting older actresses in The Lords of Salem, ‘women….sick of playing the mother’

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is not afraid to cast.  He certainly isn’t afraid to reach beyond the stereotypes, which is why he readily picked older actresses to star in his forthcoming film The Lords of Salem – fine actresses such as Pat Quinn, Dee Wallace and Meg Foster to name but a few.  Rob speaks to Now Magazine about this and more.  Enjoy!

TIFF Interview: Rob Zombie In The Lords Of Salem, the horror director takes a more avant-garde approach and lets some some cult screen icons bite into juicy roles By ANDREW PARKER

Shock rocker Rob Zombie has made quite the secondary career finding new ways to push the boundaries of good taste on the big screen. (more…)

Dreadcentral interview The Lords of Salem stars Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips

Dreadcentral Sheri Moon Zombie Jeff Daniels Phillips

Dreadcentral have secured an exclusive with The Lords of Salem stars  Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips.  Sheri has been a muse of her husband in his film career and appeared in all his movies, and Jeff Daniel Phillips was last seen being butchered in Halloween 2.

Enjoy the interview!

TIFF 2012: Exclusive Lords of Salem Interview with Stars Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips by Serena Whitney

Rob Zombie’s Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem (review) made its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and as soon as the credits rolled, fans couldn’t stop talking about the film that managed to raise more questions than answers! (more…)

Rob and Sheri sit with Red Carpet Diary at the Toronto International Film Festival [Watch]

Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie speak to red carpet diary

Rob Zombie and his wife Sheri Moon Zombie, sat withRichard Crouse of  Red Carpet Diary after the screening of The Lords of Salem.  RCD are the official coverage for the Toronto International Film Festival, which is where The Lords of Salem had it’s premiere.  The film is currently in distribution negotiations.

To watch the interview (more…)

Rob Zombie talks boobs and horror with Kiss 92.5 [Watch]

Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie speak to Kiss 92.5

Damnit Maurie from Kiss 92.5 sat down with Rob Zombie to talk boobs, horror, whats going on in his head after the premiere of The Lords of Salem in Toronto this week.

To watch the full video interview  (more…)