ScreenCrush gets an update from Rob Zombie about The Lords of Salem and more

Screencrush interviews Rob Zombie

In an exclusive interview with Loudwire’s sister site Screencrush, Rob Zombie updates the fans about the forthcoming and highly anticipated The Lords of Salem movie and his next film project about the ‘Broad Street Bullies’ hockey team.  Enjoy!


If you’re curious as to when you can see Rob Zombie‘s next film(s), we’ve got an exclusive update from the director and musician on his next horror film, ‘Lords of Salem,’ and his follow-up project, ‘Broad Street Bullies‘ — a hockey film.

We reported not long ago that Rob Zombie’s next feature would be a hockey film based on the infamous Philadelphia Flyers, a team known for their rough-and-tumble style. But first he still has to finish up his next horror film, ‘Lords of Salem.’

Now, thanks to an interview with our sister site Loudwire, we got an exclusive update on both projects straight from the director.

When it comes to ‘Lords of Salem,’ Zombie said:

As far as post-production goes, that’ll be done by the end of August. I’ll finish that the last couple weeks of August. The sound designers are still creating some of the sound effects, that’s all that’s left there. Then we’ll go in and we’ll mix the whole movie and it’ll be done. By the end of August that movie will be completely finished. I don’t have a release date yet so I’m not sure when people will be able to see it. I do know that it will be done before I start this next tour.

On ‘Broad Street Bullies’:

A couple of years ago, I was told that I was the perfect filmmaker to bring this story to life. I wasn’t sure at first, but I did some research and went back and read up on it and thought it was a phenomenal story and thought that this is the type of movie where if I didn’t make it, I’d go see it and I would wish I had made it! I like all types of movies, but I especially like that time period. It takes place in the early 1970s, it’s a violent hockey movie, it’s a perfect movie within the world of what I do, but totally different from what I do. Right now, I’m working slowly on that. I’m just immersing myself in that world. I literally have every book written on the subject. I’m reading all the books, I’m watching all the games, I’m watching the films so by the time we start I’ll be an absolute expert on the subject. I have tour dates booked until Halloween 2013, so it wouldn’t be until after that.