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Artist Direct gives Rob Zombie “Thunder Kiss ’65” (J Devil Number of the Beast Remix) 5 stars

Rob Zombie in an early picture with Ozzy Osbourne and Jonathan 'J-Devil' Davis

Rob Zombie in an early picture with Ozzy Osbourne and Jonathan ‘J-Devil’ Davis

From Artist Direct’s Rick Florino:

J Devil, aka Jonathan Davis of Korn, revs up White Zombie‘s classic “Thunder Kiss ’65” with just the right amount of 21st century evil on his “Number of the Beast Remix”.

The track is the first taste of Rob Zombie‘s forthcoming remix record, Mondo Sex Ahead [Available August 7], and it’s devilishly delectable.  

The new take begins with an eerie beat that could’ve been ripped from a classic horror flick score, and then it descends into a raging industrial banger tailor-made for the hottest club in hell. The robotically demonic “666” chant is a nice flourish, and J Devil amps up the song’s legendary riff by armoring it with acidic electro flourishes.

Zombie sounds as fierce as ever screaming along over J Devil’s deep, dark, and deadly production. It thrashes intensely, and J Devil once again proves why he’s the most innovative and inimitable artist in electronic dance music.

If he and Zombie did a whole record like this, it’d be an instant classic. For now, enjoy this mind-blowing remix of a classic.

Available now on iTunes!

—Rick Florino 07.10.12