Bif Bam Pop interviews Dee Wallace about The Lords of Salem

Biff Bam Pop have secured an exclusive interview with Dee Wallace, who not only spoke about her new film Exit Humanity but also spoke a little about her forthcoming role in Rob Zombie’s new movie The Lords of Salem. Thank you to Andy Burns for the interview excerpts.

Close to the end of our conversation I asked Dee what should could say about another of her films, Rob Zombie’s upcoming, The Lords of Salem. Dee’s worked with Zombie before, on Halloween and The Haunted World of El Superbeasto and, as you’ll see below, was full of love for the man I consider the best director in horror right now. Our exchange on The Lords of Salem was brief, but it gives us a little more insight into what we can expect from the film when it’s released later this year. Check out Dee’s comments after the jump.

Andy Burns: Now, I know you can’t say much and I’m not asking for spoilers…

Dee Wallace: What I can tell you is I play a self-help guru and I have a big arc, and Rob wrote the part for me.

Andy Burns: Brilliant.

Dee Wallace: I’ve seen a lot of the footage and all I can say is don’t miss it. The last scene is worth the entire movie itself. It’s amazing. It’s a huge cinematic departure in a way for him, as far as the look of the film is concerned. Sheri (Moon Zombie) really has to step up in this film and do some pretty amazing stuff out of her comfort zone. I can’t say enough about Rob and how much I love him and appreciate him and love working with his creativity. He wrote, directed, a lot of his music is in it. (He’s) doing the poster work for it, editing it. I mean, literally, everything is Rob. You know, he called a lot us and we were there. You just want to work with him. You just want to.