More fan reviews from the Zombie/Megadeth show 11 May 2012

Here are some more of the fan reviews from the opening night show at the Rob Zombie/Megadeth headliner.  Enjoy and don’t forget to use the form HERE to submit your reviews from the CURRENT tour.

From Nick T: The show itself was awesome as usual! This is my 5th time seeing Zombie over the last few years ive been to every tour and the show is amazing each time. I thought it was really cool that we got to see the lords of salem preview tonight as well! Feel like the crowd really fell apart though was a real let down that they weren’t as loud as normal

From Thomas Peek: Rob Zombie has always put on what a real rock show is all about!! He never fails to impress. He is the definition of rocking the mother fucker!!

From Jonathan: cool as hell but i miss the horror comic book look hahaha still chill

From Tasia: Wasn’t there to see Megadeth But RZ killed it… Best show of my life 😀

From: Charlie P: Was at the show at PNC bank last night.. Zombie fucking killed. Every song was tight, the crowd was live and the Trailer for Lords of Salem was INSANE…. ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE

From Cat: The Rob Zombie/Megadeath show at PNC Arts Center was AWESOME! I was in the front row in front of bassist Piggy D and couldn’t get enough of him. They’re hot and put on a slamming show. I can’t wait until they tour again!!

From Wendy: This was my first Zombie show ever and I can say with all honesty it wont be my last!!!! I knew every single song in the set which was very high energy and kick ass!!!! The only thing I wish was for more lights so the pics I took wouldve came out better and I wouldve been able to see the head Zombie better…… but other than the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Mikie:  saw Zombie for the first time on Mayhem Fest 2010, and the only Zombie songs I knew were the ones on Guitar Hero sadly. That show blew me out of the water and made me buy all the stuff, and since then I have been waiting. Finally the show came and HOLY FUCK. Fucking biggest energy, the most horrifyingly sexy show I have ever experienced. Opening with the evil riffs and ear crushing roar of everyone at PNC Arts Center chanting, “ALL HAIL JESUS FRANKENSTEIN!” was the simple greatest feeling. I was very happy to hear Black Sunshine as well, even though Zombie himself said he hates that song but played it because last time they opened for Megadeth (who are always on their “A” game and put on some crazy shows) it was played. The horrifying images and creatures on stage and the entire band’s unparalleled performance and stage presence kept every head banging and fist pumping mother fucker in that place go wild. Dragula was the culmination of the entire evening and blew the fucking roof off to close out the night. Zombie is a fucking madman who’s voice was right on, John 5 is a god, Piggy is just insane, and this new drummer?! WHAT?! Fucking tight as shit this guy is! You all have to see them on tour, it’ll be one of the most memorable concerts in your life.

From Christian: One of the best shows i’ve been to without doubt. First time seeing Zombie live and I was completely blown away! ROB FUCKING ZOMBIE BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Danette Oberg: I am an avid concert goer. I’ve seen my share of amazing shows and pathetic shows but Rob Zombie in concert? It is nothing like I’ve ever seen before! The energy, set, performance, and all over EVERYTHING was beyond amazing! I was blown away. I’m not even the biggest Megadeth fan but wow. GREAT STUFF. If you thought you loved Rob Zombie already, be prepared to have that love amplified!!

From Tom: Wow. That’s all I can say to describe the night of May 11, 2012. After 7 years of waiting, I finally saw my idol live in person, and experienced personally the greatest show of my life. Started at 7, Lacuna Coil took the stage and entertained the decent sized crowd that had already gathered. Christian belted out nasty jams and left the crowd hungry for more. As the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ, began to fill more and more, thrash kings Megadeth took the stage, blowing the crowd away. Mustaine ripped through solos and tasty riffs, until every member of the crowd was on their feet banging their heads. With classics such as Peace Sells and Sweating Bullets, Megadeth proved that they still hold water was one of the best thrash acts around. As soon as their set was over, roadies in Total-Skull bandannas swarmed the stage, working swiftly to construct Rob’s stunning stage setup. Working behind a curtain with the still image of King Kong, I could barely contain myself as I saw the shadows of stage props getting into position. As the crowd filled to it’s maximum, the lights suddenly went dark, and cheers rose up from the entire center. The Kong banner dropped, revealing an eerie sight: Ginger’s double-bass drum set, fog curling around the impaled skeleton mic stands, and a large shadowy figure dead center in the middle of it all. The dark and unsettling notes to Jesus Frankenstein began to sound, as John and Piggy made their ways on stage. As the first chord was belted out, Zombie emerged from the figure, to the screams of joy of many (myself included). The band ripped through Jesus Frankenstein, right into Superbeast. Up next was Scum of the Earth, which by this time the crowd was insane. After Scum, Rob took note of a five-year-old in the audience, and attempted to bring him up on stage. The poor kid was not too thrilled to say the least! He didn’t know what he was missing! Living Dead Girl was up next, and had the place going nuts. Right after, Rob went right into some classic White Zombie material, with More Human Than Human, and, to my surprise, Black Sunshine! By this point, everything was happening so fast, it was surreal. I was in a state of complete awe and amazement. As soon as Black Sunshine finished up, it was back to Zombie material for Mars Needs Women, Demonoid Phenomenon, Never Gonna Stop, and Pussy Liquor. Rob was greeted and joined on stage during these by an array of characters, from a robot from Mars to un-dead skeleton creepers. For his next hat, Rob started into Thunder Kiss ’65, some more White Zombie throwbacks, which turned into an 8 minute performance, including Rob himself venturing into the crowd, as well as a 4 minute long John 5 solo! The band left the stage after that, only to return after a brief glimpse at the upcoming Lords of Salem shown on the jumbo screens, due to hit theaters later this year. And what better way for Zombie and crew to finish up the night, but by blowing everyone away with a jaw-dropping, skull crushing performance of Dragula. Thank you Rob for everything you do, you’ll always be my idol and my biggest inspiration in life. This was the first of many shows to come, so come back to New Jersey soon!

From Cathy: Awesome show as usual. I’ve been to many Rob Zombie shows and each one is amazing. Saw him at PNC twice and both times he put so much energy trying to get the crowd going….must be something with that venue, lol. I brought my friend who had never seen him before and she said it was the best show she’s seen. Can’t wait to the next one!

From Dave Rossi: Awesome show the other night. Sat in the 6th row. It was crazy down there. Band was tight and sounded great. Cant wait for the next show!

From MMNJ: Reading some of the other reviews, I saw someone mention Rob pulling a 5-year-old on stage….that was my little boy. What an incredibly cool thing for him to do to make his first concert memorable. Unfortunately, he was so dead tired at that point in the evening that he had actually fallen asleep in his seat! He was quickly woken up when security came over to get him. Basically, he was tossed onto the stage half asleep and was too disoriented to understand what was going on and didn’t want to take center stage…bummer! I jumped up, picked him up and threw the horns to the crowd. He ended up getting some cheers! Rob played it off well – wish it had turned out differently but hey, it’s still a great story to tell! Earlier that day he had the chance to talk to Rob and John 5 who were extremely accommodating and signed a poster for him and gave him some custom guitar picks. As far as the show, it was fantastic – stellar musicianship and amazing theatrics. If you’ve never seem them live, you’re missing out! A huge thanks to Rob, John 5 and their security/stage crew!

From Tyler: I went to go see Rob Zombie and Godsmack at the PNC Bank Arts center on September 8, 2006 and I will admit I was there only to see Zombie and the quality of the show was just horrible both in sound and in showman ship. And so I hadnt seen him since. I went to the start of the MegaZombie tour on May 11, 2012 and I was completely blow away but how incredible a show Zombie put on. It was fantastic and I had such an epic time restored my love of ZOMBIE.

From Mark: Don’t miss this one metalheads. Rob Zombie was fucking awesome, he had more energy THAN all the fans combined. From the opening number to the close, Rob and his band did not dissappoint. The show had everything from fire to horror movie clips to headbanging Zombie songs. Kick Ass!!

From Ann Marie: 1st show …and you brought the house down…….I wish you played more…i just cannot get enough….lol…..Johnny 5 was awesome along with Ginger Fish and Piggy D……I say you 3 times (once with Godsmack and the other was the Halloween Houtnay at Mohehan sun with the king …Alice Cooper…..Rob Zombie you are still my favorite and this was the best show so far….cannot wait till the next tour and seein you again…..stay safe jumping through those crowds …..xoxoxo

From Chuck Armstrong: It was a flawless show with a near-perfect setlist. If you haven’t seen a Zombie show, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but do whatever you have to to see him soon. It’s a show you won’t want to miss, and it’s a show you will want to see again and again and again.

Rob Zombie…you did not disappoint. Thank you for another killer show!

From Kwahentense: My sister and I traveled all the way from Montreal, Quebec to see Rob Zombie for the fourth time and it was by far the best show! We had “The One and Only Golden Tickets” seated in row 14 and got to meet Rob and John 5 prior to the show which was GREAT but wish it lasted longer because only about 30 people bought tickets to meet him. They opened the show up with “Jesus Frankenstein” and we got to view the first trailer to his new movie “The Lords of Salem” which was just so cool! All in all the show was amazing and I had a great time! 🙂 Wish the venue allowed a mosh pit or crowd surfing because after all we did travel all the way from Montreal Quebec to see him which was WELL WORTH IT ALL!!!!!!