Fan Reviews Zombie/Megadeth tour May 25 2012

Here are the fan reviews from the Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner date at the Hartman Arena in Witchita.  To find out how to leave your review click HERE

From Mike M:  Awesome fucking show, as always. Thanks for always playing our market. We don’t get a ton of top notch rock acts coming our way, so it’s always appreciated. You’ve got a ton of fans here, and everyone on the floor with me had a great time. Megadeth was awesome as well. Always wanted to see good ol’ Mustaine kick out the jams. Nice pairing to kick off my summer.

Side note: as a graphic designer, I fucking loved your stage design and on-screen graphics. Kudos to whoever does your stuff. It made a great show that much better.

From Angela: I took my son to his very first concert im soooooo thrilled it was a zombie show,it was amazing it always is. i love your shows they alaways get better and better…..

From Corey Mellenbruch: Wow another great show tenth time i have seen zombie got to finaly get to meet and greet with him and john 5 truly wonderful zombie took the time to sign autographs and talk to you. Thank you Rob!

From Terry Meyer: The show rocked as always . just wish the sound guy had upped the vocals a bit , but i hear from my son you “discussed” that with him on your tour of the crowd. you keep coming and i keep buying tix

From Cacey W: The show was amazing as ALWAYS! You guys were loud and tight as hell in playing! I don’t think Wichita has ever been rocked like that before and will never be again! You really showed us how to rock. It was so good to meet you and John5 before the show. You guys were so cool. Now maybe I’ll go and get kicked outta walmart in my ‘Fuck off’ shirt! Thanks for kicking off my ‘going into sophomore year’ summer right! Keep it up guys!

From Creigh: This was one of the best experiences I’ve had. The meet and greet was truly unforgettable. Rob and John 5 showed up and were totally laid back and there for the fans. I’m not one to have idols or heroes but I guess I’ve always admired and respected Rob for who he is and what he does. I’ve been a hardcore fan since White Zombie and nobody has really commanded my attention and respect more. Rob never disappoints and is bad to the freshly skinned bone. Whichita show rocked ( of course)! Looking forward to Lords and the new album! Hopefully the next shows won’t be to far behind! Much respect!!!! ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE!

From Matt Bauler: All in all the show was absolutely great living in Wichita us metal heads wait ever so patiently for a good show to come along and the Hartman Arena filled that void on May 25th with Rob Zombie, Megadeth, and Volbeat. Volbeat absolutely killed it! They are one of my favorite bands and i was not dissapointed from the fist pumping anthem A Warriors Call to playing a Johnny Cash cover to snippets of both Slayer and Motorhead, Volbeat definately made some fans for life in Wichita. Megadeth ruled the stage as well the songs from the new album are great, and it was a real thrill to hear classics Sweating Bullets and Symphony of Destruction. Then it was time for Zombie. This being the fifth time seeing Zombie I was more than excited to see the man who I met before the show and fulfilled a dream come true. Jesus Frankenstein was an awesome opener, and the show continued to get more and more spectactular. It was super cool hearing Scum of the Earth, and American Witch, and I never stopped being amazed by the creatures and eye popping showmanship of the band. We recieved an extra special treat by getting a sneak peek at Rob Zombie’s new movie The Lords of Salem which looks extremely promising. The solo by John 5 only proves that he is one of the top guitar players around today, and Zombie busted out the ever classic Dragula to send everyone home with a smile on their face, and a boner in their shorts. I personally will be anxiously awaiting Mr.Zombies new movie and new album as well.

From brian Blackwel AKA BLACKIE: Got to meet rob and john 5 back stage and they where such cool. made my girl very happy lol!! We where on the front row !! IT was a great show! we had a geat time~!~ COME TO DENVER!! ROCK ON BLACKIE!!

From Heidi Bush: Had a freakstastic time at the show Friday night!!! Saw the show at the rail on John 5’s side and enjoyed every second. Thank you J5 for returning the kiss I blew to you it made my weekend for sure, although I missed the pick you threw to me thanks to a chic behind me.