Fan Reviews Zombie/Megadeth tour May 24 2012

Here are the fan reviews from the Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner date at the Sioux City in Iowa.  To find out how to leave your review click HERE

From Colin Browen: All of the zombie clan members are geniuses. A totally epic fucking show from the most creative man alive. They rocked the shit out of the house and created mass chaos. Best show I’ve ever seen, congradulations! I hope you watch those movies I gave you man! I highly suggest hitting a show, Wichita you’re in for a treat!

From Markie McGinty: Your concert was awesome! My 3rd one! You always put on a fucking great show! I touched you & went to hug you but got pushed away, disapointing. I shake.everytime i see you in.concert! So great. on another note i love writing, if you ever need a co producer for a movie! Call me! Id love to help write a movie. i absoultely love your movies!

From Christopher Holbrook: This was my second Zombie show and it happened on my 30th birthday. The whole Zombie crew delivered tonight and made it one of best shows I’ve seen in Sioux City. The preview of Lords of Salem followed by Dragula was one of best birthday experiences. Can’t wait for the next tour.

From Brit Repic: I’ve been a huge fan of you since I was 8 years old, and this was the 1st concert I’ve been able to see. I can’t even begin to describe how mind blowing your show (on the 24th) was! It was an honor to be smashed against the front barrier and seeing you perform. Stay crazy!

From Danny Hall: One of the best concerts I have ever seen! You guys get better and better every time!

From Paula: This was #5 time seeing zombie and prob one of the best shows. Zombie does it big and didn’t hold back even for the small crowd. I hope the low turn out doesnt keep them from coming back…… We freakn love zombie and crew in Iowa!! 1st time seeing megadeth was fun also. You all rocked !! Thank you!!

From Monica Ramos: This was my first ever concert and it was AMAZING!! I LOVED IT! Can’t wait to see you again!! It was definitely worth every penny!! Thanks for the awesome show Rob!!

From Megan: I LOVED THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys were amazing!

From Tony: I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Rob quite a few times, some shows have been better than others. Last night in Sioux City he played to a small crowd that at times seemed to lack enthusiasm.yet he kept his high energy pyro heavy awesome stage show rageing on.Due to recent injury i almost didn’t go at all. My wife got me there and set me up with a wheel chair. i tried to be closer to the stage during Volbeat who I had heard of but very little i liked what i heard and found em. followed by Megadeth who have always taken a more let the music do the talking approach. they were the first band i remember seeing live back on So far so good so what tour and they have remained a blistering live act the likes of Rob Zombie is one of the few who can follow them so i moved to the back of the crowd to get a better vantage point and must say had a great time as he put on a show with the fire, the animations, and video along with the song selection was all good and his interaction with the crowd was fun i look forward to seeing him next chance i get where ill take up my usual spot right up on the rail

From Bump: traveled over 300 miles to see this show and the trip was well worth it, comparied to many shows i have gone to this one tops the list, even though he didnt play all his songs the set list was very impressive, also it opened the door of a few songs i never really wanted to listen to.. hats off to you Mr Rob Zombie – great show