Fan Reviews Zombie/Megadeth tour May 20 2012

Here are the fan reviews from the Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner date at Rock on the Range.  To find out how to leave your review click HERE

From Dean: Killer show, one of the best shows I have seen from him. Ginger Fish and John 5’s solos were amazing. Loved the trailer for The Lords Of Salem, can’t wait for the movie to come out.

From Broseph: I think last Night at Rock on the Range 2012 Rob Zombie Bring the best Show I have ever see in my all life I think this was better then 2 years ago.

From Floyd: First time at Rock on the Range in Columbus, Oh. Megadeth, Manson, and Zombie to close the show.

Outstanding. Zombie definitely stole the show. Music was amazing, visual effects were well thought out. I rocked for a solid 4 hours without taking a break!

Thank you Mr. Zombie for melting my face off!

From Lee Mohney: The best show I have ever seen and I’ve been top alot of concerts it was better than metallica in 1996 and nickelback 2012 if they were in a larger sting were they could have more fireworks that could be the only thing that could have been slightly better but over all the best show I’ve ever seen

From Tori Smith: I watched Rob Zombie last night (Sunday, May 20, 2012) at Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio. He came on after Marilyn Manson and he was amazing!!! He is one of the best performers I’ve ever seen! Def. the best show I’ve ever been to! All the videos and fireworks were awesome!

From Kami: I’ve seen Zombie every time he has come to Detroit, RotR was the best show I’ve seen. F***ing awesome! And Zombie is so damn sexy. He sounded better and put on a better show than any other band. John 5 had a great guitar solo and the drummer rocked it! His show made my weekend.

From Laura: The Rob Zombie show at Rock on the Range was awesome. Would love to see him every year.

From Sharon Pankow: Rob Zombie’s set put a huge exclamation point on who owns rock on the range… been to 4 of the 6, and he blew everyone else away. He had it all …. and brought it. the amazing john 5 solo and the best end to a set imaginable. Thank You Rob Zombie!

From Randy Schnell: i’ve been to thousands of shows.. this was easily the best ….EVER!!

From John Doan at It was time for all hell to break loose as Rob Zombie came out to close the weekend at Rock on the Range. The last time I saw Zombie was in 2005 so to be able to catch him again on such a large stage in front of a massive crowd to cap off an incredible weekend was insanity. Zombie commands the stage everytime he performs and Columbus, Ohio gave their all to this rocker as he and his band of the dead (John 5, Piggy D, and Ginger Fish) took control of such songs as “Living Dead Girl”, “More Human Than Human”, “Sick Bubblegum”, “Never Gonna Stop”, “Superbeast”, “Scum of the Earth”, “Mars Needs Women”, “Pussy Liquor”, “Dragula”, and “Thunderkiss ’65”. John 5 had an incredible solo using a guitar that had a brightly glowing white body. Drummer Ginger Fish also had a solo as he ferociously beat the hell out of his kit. But of course it was Rob Zombie and his theatrics of fire, lights, and monsters that the crowd ate up. Always interesting are the movies and vignettes playing in the background on screen as the band performs. Charisma and power are two words that always come to mind when I witness a Zombie show. A cool ass firework show ended the night as fans filed out of Crew Stadium putting a final stamp on one of the best festival I could ever imagine. Killer bands and killer fans made my first trip to Rock on the Range 2012 epic!

From Matt: I was at ROTR both days and Rob Zombie was by far the best act on the bill. Actualy he was the best out of the 3 times I have been to ROTR.
I was on the other hand disapointed with Megadeath. The sound was terrible. I know it is in part to the acustics of crew stadium,but you couldn’t even make out what song was being played. Megadeath is an awesome band, Rob please lend them a sound man to help them set up.
Awesome show never the less.

From Sara Napoletano: LOVED IT!!! This was my 6th time seeing you in concert and second time at ROTR! It just keeps getting better and better! Love the new song that you threw into the mix.

Also really enjoyed that John 5 signed at the concert this year. It would have been great to get the whole band again but one is always better than none. And now I have an autograph tattoo from you (Mayhem 2010) and John 5 (ROTR 2012)

You guys kick ass. See you in the future.

From Matt Kistler: Rock on the Range in Columbus could have consisted of 2 days of non-stop Zombie and I would have been completely satisfied. Greatest performance by far and the best show I have ever seen in my life. Rob Zombie, I bow to you, ultimate showman as well as performer. What a show, all I have left to say is ROCK MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Johnny Sin: After Manson’s somewhat moody and lackluster set Zombie stepped up to show people what a real rock show sounds and looks like! Was well worth dragging my ass around for 3 days in the sun. Awesome show all around, can’t wait for the new album and the dying to see Lords of Salem. Long live Zombie!

…and John 5 had to somewhat love putting down those wicked riffs knowing full well Manson would see what he let go of talent wise.