Fan Reviews Zombie/Megadeth tour May 18 2012

Here are the fan reviews from the Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner date at The Deltaplax in Grand Rapids.  To find out how to leave your review click HERE

From Amanda: Holy shit! This was the best concert I have ever been to. It wasn’t just a concert it was a fucking stage show. You could feel the passion that Rob Zombie has for what he does. I was blown away. I would see him over and over again. The energy that Rob Zombie had on stage could be felt throughout the crowd. He even jumped off the stage and came into the crowd!!! Thats a real rock star if you ask me.

From John Krusinsky: The show was fucking awesome from beginning to the end. Well worth being squashed in the front row for four hours. Could not ask for a better time, Looking forward to the next go round!

From Kristal Boda: I LOVED IT!!!!! The concert kicked major ass! Definitely want to see it again!! m/

From Dakota Lee: the concert at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids MI was fucking awesome every song each band played was killer and the playing of each band was outstanding sounding basically exactly like the albums and the pyrotechnics on the zombie show were phenominal, overall i think zombie had the best show however Megadeth played better imo Daves voice sounded great including the high notes which surprised me due to the fact that in some live shows his voice wasnt great but all in all every band played well, if you get a chance to attend i highly suggest you take it you will not be disappointed, youre in for a hell of a show, well worth the price of the tickets

From Pam: Went to the show last night in Grand Rapids, MI 5/18/2012!! It was the best concert by far that I have ever been too!! Rob even walked out thru the stands and on the floor with a spotlight. Was really awesome to get to see him close up. All my favorite songs were played even Pussy Liquor! The sound effects, the presentation, the videos, and graphics were the SWEET! I have only been a listening to Rob Zombie for a few months and have to say that now after seeing him in concert I am a HUGE fan now. Thank you for the wonderful show and the great music.

From Andris B Visockis: Went to the show in Grand Rapids, MI last night and have just one word…WOW!!!

Have not seen Zombie in a few years and this show had more energy, better lights/stage and the sound was awesome. Towards the end, Rob went into the crowd and walked the entire floor and climbed up and went the whole length of both sides of the lower bowl…even high fiving and shaking hands w/many fans…AND did so w/every person in a wheelchair or w/an apparent disability…very classy.

High energy, fan friendly and bottom line…this man can put on a SHOW!!! I will pay money anytime to watch the band again.


From Nolan Converse: Out of this world! Lacuna Coil, Megadeth, and Rob Zombie absolutely blew my mind!

It was a blast! Best concert I’ve ever been too!

From Don Midkiff: The best concert I’ve been to yet,  Zombie stomped my ass off the whole time then Rob Zombie came push through the crowd and I patted him on the shoulders ,  so damn bad ass.Thats better then a t shirt. You’re the man Rob keep kickon ass in everything you do !,,/ I hpe to see you again…..Now I feel More Human Then Human!

From Amanda C.: This was my first RZ concert and I was blown away. I brought my dad and he also loved it (and its hard to impress my dad) . I felt like I was being hit by a truck because the energy in the show was so amazing. I am going to go to the next show in MI for sure.

From Susan Donovan: I LOVE that Rob Zombie does meet and greets before the show! This time John 5 joined him! RZ has never forgotten what it’s like to be a fan. The concert was pure Rock n Roll, as usual! Fire, Robots,Crazy beings on stage and bad ass video back drop that showed far out shit as well as the trailer to The Lords of Salem! RZ also goes out into the crowd from the front row to the side seats, to the very back of the arena and back down again so all his fans can see him up close! That is love and dedication and we Thank You for it! John 5 and Piggy D ran the stage as well and GF Rocked those drums! Bam! It was an Electric evening to say the very least!

From deepnutballz: I came to the show from up by Spencer and I expected a crazy show for the first time to see Zombie. It was a fucking shitshow! ridiculously awesome Rob!! Thanks for coming to lame ass Iowa!!