Fan Reviews Zombie/Megadeth tour May 16 2012

Here are the fan reviews from the Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner date at STAGE AE in Pittsburgh.  To find out how to leave your review click HERE

From Jess: The Pittsburgh show was a-fucking-mazing! I’m one of those short Pittsburgh girls in the back, shaking my ass, and screaming at the top of my lungs! Great show.
Even with the tiny flare up in the middle, Mr. Zombie remained calm and finished the song. I’m not sure what happened, but I’m really happy you continued to play!

Thank you for coming to Pittsburgh! I love seeing you guys perform!

From Rick and Laura Brown: HOLY PARTY!! Just got back from the A&E in Pitts. PA. from the Zombie/megadeth show. Was an awesome show best I have seen so far. We had the meet n greet with rob zombie and john 5 showed up as well. Energetic and mind numbing!!! I love the interaction that zombie gives his fans…It’s was a fuckin party! All the way down to the girls n confetti. My wife and I left tired, beatin, bruised, half deaf & sore and extremly excited and satisfied with the whole day. It was loud and lots of fire as well!!! Can’t wait till the next show. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

From Davy Allin: I think what’s so important about a Zombie show is that it’s not just a rock concert but truly an audio/visual experience. I’d even be quick to call it a phenomenon really because it’s jaw dropping the amount of effort these guys put into every performance, every time I see them. Last night’s Pittsburgh show was no exception to this. For me, the highlight of the show had to be the sneak peak of THE LORDS OF SALEM, which I think was worth the ticket price alone! Rob and the guys have an unbelievable ability to connect with the crowd whether their pitting us against each other before Sick Bubblegum or coming off stage to literally connect with us, as Rob does every show, is something I very rarely see with other artists. Not to mention Piggy D’s charming personality towards the fans, a stage presence from Ginger Fish I can only describe as otherworldly and John 5’s incomparable talent (ending his solo on a patriotic, teeth picking high note) is something even the casual, curious fan should experience. Revisiting some classic White Zombie tracks is just the cherry on top. A truly brilliant show from a mad genius.

From AliciaZombieGurl666: Let me just say there are a few memories burned into my skull like the birth of my two children AND now I can say I have met the legend himself. Not only Rob Zombie but John 5 as well!! (I’m obssessed with him as well… he’s the guitar lord) The concert was kick ass as always. Zombie and fellow band members always put on a excellent show. Not only is he one hell of a performer but very down to earth and personable, as well as John 5. There is no other comparison for concerts, Zombie is master, a god. The opening act, Lacuna Coil was also a amazing band, tons of energy for a opening act especially when your opening for a legend. Take my advice, dont miss out on a Golden Ticket oppertunity if the moment arises. 🙂 this is one zombie gurl who’s in her glory…. til the next concert! Thanks Rob Zombie & John 5 for making my entire year

From Cody Hill: This concert was amazing me my dad his friend and my best friend went it was this sickest fucking concert ever the intro to thunderkiss 65 was funny as hell you guys defiantly complimented megadeth well as they did compliment you well the best ticket out there in my opinion this was my first real metal concert and this completed my childhood I will look back on it for day’s the stage prescense everyone had was amazing you guys gave me my money’s worth then some I am now addicted to concerts thank you please come back to Pittsburgh it the best part I would have to say was well the whole fucking concert I can’t say enough about this concert

From Destinie Orndoff: Well last night I seen Rob Zombie for my second time, and he never dissappoints!!! He sang all the best Zombie songs and his props were amazing as always also the tralier for the LORDS OF SALEM was epic!!!!!!!!!! I love how he dances and headbangs he’s awesome!! I was pretty close in front by the black bars with only 2 guys in front of me, so yes it was the best night of my life!! My favorite part of the night was just being able to see him even being in the same city as him was so Bad ass!! I loved when he sang Sick Bubblegum and made each side of the crowd yell ROCK and the other yell MOTHERFUCKER!! That was awesome also when he was talking about how all the girls in Pittsburgh were so short haha he’s funny as hell! When he was getting the crowd warmed up for Thunder Kiss ’65 John 5 would start the gutair but Ginger Fish would’nt start the drums, so Rob was saying how he hated playing that song etc. just being funny and he did eventually play it! I just really appreciate him going on tour and sastifying all of his fans with their Zombie needs he really does put on the best Rock show you will EVER see no doubt about it! With his videos in the backround, fire poles,the big robots on stage and skeletons just make it all the better! I love and admire how Rob puts 110% into everything he does! He truly is a ROCK GOD! I’d say the only thing that dissappointed me was 2 things…One being Sheri not coming to dance on stage which I don’t think she does anymore because the last time I seen Rob for his “Hell on Earth Tour” for my first time she didn’t either, And secondly when Rob was singing and he goes into the crowd he went on the left into the crowd and in the middle a couple times but he never came on my side on the right, that kinda made me sad… But other than that amazing, amazing, amazing!!!! I absoulty LOVED it and I cannot wait to see him again!! Thank-You Rob for coming out to Pittsburgh, I REALLY appreciate it and i’m sure everyone else did too!!! You really know how to Rock the Motherfucker!!!! And also goodluck on your film Lords of Salem looks Bad ass!! ~Destinie A.K.A RobZombieIsAGod

From Karen: OMG what a show. I’m still all pumped up today from last night. Not to bad for 54 year old woman….thanks Rob and can’t wait for the movie to come out!

From Carol Churchey: The show in Pittsburgh last night was absolutely fantastic! You guys really gave it 110% which I love. I hate going to shows where the band acts like they’re just there for the money and couldn’t really care less. You, on the other hand, actually seemed like you love what you all do. While I have to say that I love Rob Zombie, Piggy D. and Ginger Fish, it’s John 5 that completely blew me out of the water. I’ve been a fan of John 5 for many, many years but this was my first opportunity to see him live. I’ve never seen someone make love to a guitar like he does. And then to pull out the “Star-Spangled Banner” by playing part of it with his teeth was just insane! I’m sore as hell this morning but it was well worth it and I can’t wait to do it again next tour. Also a big thanks to Lacuna Coil and Megadeth for starting off the evening. And a great big thanks to Rob Zombie, John 5, Piggy D. and Ginger Fish! I’ve (hopefully) added three Instagram photos that I took during the show- they aren’t the best in the world but I still like them. I just wish I could have gotten a pic of Ginger Fish.

From Yurko: It Rocked Mother F@#ker Rocked.

From Matthew Reinhart:  Another jaw dropping masterfully amazing macarbe performance by the metal icon Rob Zombie. Thanks for coming to Pittsburgh 3 years in a row, fingers crossed for 4. Read a full review at the link here:

From Rosa: Loved The Show Wednesday night in Pittsburgh May 16th. I was infront of John 5, naturally he is my favorite 🙂

From Sherry T: I’ve seen Zombie quite a few times, and the Pittsburgh show was a more intimate show making it even more amazing. What separates him from the rest is his interaction with the crowd the energy the band put into the show. Piggy, John 5 and now Ginger are amazing! I recruited a few people to go this time and they were blown away, cant wait for the new album!

From Shelly Merritts: Had a fuckin badass time …the show was awesome ! The meet and greet kicked ass!