Fan Reviews Zombie/Megadeth tour May 12 2012

Here are the fan reviews from the Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner date at the Toyota Pavilion At Montage Mountain.  To find out how to leave your review click HERE

From John: Megadeth was great as usual. Wish RZ would have played past curfew. He was great. Sensory Overload. Go see this tour.

From Marketa NYC: I have been to over a 100 plus concerts in my lifetime, not including shows at small venues, and I can honestly say that Rob Zombie last night was one of the best shows I’ve EVER seen. I have even seen White Zombie and Rob Zombie before. But last night was totally OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show was rockin’!! Lost my voice and can’t move my neck or body from headbanging and dancing for 3 straight hours. EXACTLY how I’m supposed to feel after a metal show. Came up to Scranton, PA from NYC to see it. SO WORTH IT!!!

From Devin: I just seen the Rob Zombie and Megadeth concert at Montage Mountain Pennsylvania and I have too say it was amazing megadeth was great but Rob Zombie is the king of putting on a great horror show never stop what your doing cause im never gona stop coming too see an amazing show like that.

From CruduxCruo: I saw RZ last summer in July and I couldn’t help think he wasn’t ‘feeling’ it. I can now see I was right. What a change of venue makes! The show tonight was A+. Rob definitely looked like he was enjoying the concert. The audience was actually INTO it. Plus the fact it wasn’t during a 90+ degee heat wave as before may have helped things. 🙂 The sound was unleashed full force this time around. I am still not able to hear 100%. I was glad to see the trailer for Lords of Salem and to see these guys as they were ment to be seen….FUCKING KICK ASS!!!

From Robert B:  Rob Zombie and Megadeth kicked off the Toyota Pavilion’s summer concert season tonight in Scranton, PA with great performances. Mr Zombie’s set included (from memory in no particular order) Jesus Frankenstein, More Human Than Human, Scum of the Earth, Never Gonna Stop, Thunderkiss 65 w/ guitar solo from John 5, Sick Bubblegum, Mars Needs Women, Living Dead Girl, Pussy Liquor, and Dragula.

Megadeth’s set included classics such as Peace Cells, Sweating Bullets, Symphony of Destruction, and Hangar 18. Dave Mustaine gave away his guitar to a fan who won a radio contest following Symphony of Destruction. Stage shows included appearances by Vic Rattlehead

Stage shows from the bands included an appearance by Vic Rattlehead and Zombie’s dancing Robots. In addition to pyrotechnics and confetti canons, Mr. Zombie even made his way through the crowd during an extended guitar solo in Thunderkiss 65. Mr. Mustaine also recalled the last time he played in the area with a story about being escorted to the show by police and getting dressed in the back of the car.

From Josh Fisher: First time seeing Lacuna Coil, they made a great opening act and sound just like they do on their cd’s..beautiful! First time seeing, what a shred fest of amazing guitar power by Dave and fellow bands mates..amazing! Now Rob Zombie, I heard he did all his props and things on Halloween dates..WOW was I wrong! The show he, guitar god John 5, the great supportive Piggy D, and the great drumming prowess of Ginger Fish was F**KIN’ FANTASTIC! I lost it when they played Mars Needs Women cause I sooo badly wanted to hear them play that, put on an AMAZING show!!. But all in all, THANK YOU ROB ZOMBIE, MEGADETH and LACUNA COIL!! m/ m/

From Denise: AMAZING show as always! I was a little pissed because the show started 1/2 hr EARLY and we missed Lacuna Coil. BUT, I still got to see two amazing bands so it was well worth the 2 hr drive down to PA!

From Joanna: Saw last nights show and i cant believe what i was missing out on! first rob zombie show and it has to be number one on greatest shows ive ever seen! hes just an overall entertainer !!! cant wait for round 2!!

From Ben Franz:  Saw you last night at PNC center in New Jersey. I go to about 10 concerts a year all the Metal variety and last night was the first time I’ve seen you live. (I had VIP 2nd row center stage seat).

Your show and performance was both visually entertaining and shocking at the same time. You sang flawlessly and the solid chemistry you have with your fellow band mates is obvious. The macabre,Tim Burtonish nightmare before christmas theme of the show left me staring in awe.
I appreciated every second of it and you made me a new enthusiast of your live performances.

Concert goer since Judas Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance tour

From Thomas:  Absolutely the most outstanding Zombie show yet !! Stageshow awe inspiring experience..Rob is at the Top of his game …bringing true Theatrical action to coincide with music and meet & greet , He & Jonny 5 were so extremely gracious, patient and showed sincere intrest in the fans who attended. I highly recommend the Golden Tickets ..worth every penny ..Thanks for such a Spectacular event absolute. Must see

From Troy: I saw the Rob Zombie and Megadeth at Toyota Pavillion on May 12 2012. It was Fucking Awesome. Zombie and Megadeth put on great shows, Can’t wait for The Lords of Salem. The whole show was awesome. I will always go see Rob Zombie when they are close to me. 

From Sandy: Wow, last night’s concert was incredible. It was awesome seeing such a diverse crowd. Lacuna Coil did a great job getting the crowd pumped up. Christina has an incredible voice. Megadeth sounded so phenomenal. Dave and the band were spot on. Loved hearing one of my all time favorite songs, Symphony of Destruction, being performed live. So jealous of the guitar giveaway winner! Rob Zombie…holy shit. You were so right when you said the stage was filled with sex appeal. I loved every second of your performance. John 5 was astounding. Rock motherfuckers!

From Derek DeRewal:  I have seen Rob Zombie at least 6 times live. Last night was definitely his loudest/heaviest show I witnessed. The amps were cranked to 11. He covered his song catalog nicely. The stage show, as usual, was top notch. John 5 threw out a hell of a guitar solo too.

Megadeth put on a great show as well. They played the classics and added some of the new tunes.

Lacuna Coil was also awesome. “Trip the Darkness” is great live. LC played earlier than the ticket said. So if you wanna see them(you should) make sure to find out their start time.

Its a great Three Headed Monster of a show.

From Suzanne: Scranton PA. Great show. Golden ticket totally worth every penny. Rob Zombie and his band gave an amazing performance. Video screens, pyrotechnics, great music…everything you could ask for! I have been to countless rock shows and this one tops them all. Can’t wait to see zombie and his band again.

From JrzMike: I was at the Scranton show and Rob never disappoints .He blew Megadeath off the stage. Mars needs women was fucking great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Mandy: It was my first RZ show and it was kick ass, can’t wait to go to another!

From Marie: this show rocked!! So glad we attended. Two days later and still have no voices! Awesome time, great set, wonderful stage….GO ZOMBIE.

From Lysha: This was my second time seeing You (rob zombie) on saturday at montage and i seen you in Nj at mayhem you never dissapoint you were amazing im sure if u wouldve gotten to the row i was in i wouldve had a heart attack, megadeath was just a great sound wise and performance id see them again in a heart beat, lacuna coil was awesome ive heard of them but never listened but seeing them play live made me a fan me and my husband got your exsclusive shirt for this tour and will be talkin a bought for a long time like we still do with your first show we seen, get in pa more !

From John Holt: My third time seeing Rob Zombie and again he blew my mind. The show was off the hook as always. Rob is just a ball of energy on stage and the guitar solo in the middle of thunderkiss was a great touch. And I must throw a good word out for Megadeath and lacuna coil also, they both put on one hell of a show too.

From Hayley: My mom & I got the Golden Tickets for the Scranton PA show. Worth EVERY penny!! Rob Zombie was amazing! I wish I would have had more time though to talk to him. I rehearsed everyting i wanted to say, but forgot it all bc of the nervousness! Def going to see him again in Pittsburgh on the 16th! Its my hometown hopefully he’ll remember me from the Meet & Greet! Yay!! he put his arm around me 😀

From Martha S: I FREAKIN HAD A GREAT TIME AT THIS SHOW. I was right up front on the barricade, it was soo cool when you walkiing that barricade

From Anthony Diaz:

The Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania presents Rob Zombie. With a scheduled set time of 9:45, fans were growing angsty as the clock struck 10 and a giant curtain covered the stage while the stage crew worked rapidly to get everything in place. Suddenly the lights dimmed, and an eerie and alarming sound began to roar throughout the arena grabbing everyones’ attention. The curtains finally dropped and we were presented with what appeared to be a Giant 20 foot metallic robot in the middle of the stage. Bassist Piggy D and guitarist John 5 took to the stage, both wearing their signature masks and began to salute the crowd and pose for the photographers as we awaited the arrival of the man of the hour. About a minute in to the introduction, the robot caught on fire, and its chest opened up revealing inside, Rob Zombie himself. He creepily walked out wearing a skull like mask, a roman helmet and a skeletal arm and approached his ridiculously intriguing microphone stand. He quickly went into the first song of the night getting everyone involved as they started changing “All hail, Jesus Frankenstein” and then transitioned into “Superbeast”. He displayed such high energy, I was honestly blown away. For a “zombie” he sure felt very alive. Throughout the set, they had guest appearances from creatures such as robots, skeletons, a Mars rover and other unnamed monsters which really brought out the feel of his horror like style. They continued to play other hit songs such as “Mars Needs Women” “Sick Bubble-Gum” and finished their set off with an extended version of Thunder Kiss ’65 which included an incredible guitar solo by guitarist John 5 that left fans mesmerized in which he even managed to include a short version of the National Anthem. While the solo continued, Rob climbed down the stage and into the seating area where he ran through different parts of the arena acknowledging his fans, hugging them, giving them high fives and some even took pictures with him. He finally returned to the stage and finished off the song. They left the stage while fans screamed and begged for one last song. They immediately returned and finished off the night with their hit “Dragula”. The show and performance was both visually entertaining and shocking. By far, it was absolutely the most outstanding show I have been to this year.


From dizzydeez4: best F****king metal show i,ve ever seen was in Scranton last saturday,Zombie kicked friggin !!!! ass