Icon Vs Icon interviews Zombie: longevity, new album and The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie will be entering the studio for a new album in 2012

In another interview before the forthcoming Zombie/Megadeth tour, and before Rob and his band lock themselves away to work on the new album, Zombie sat down with Icon Vs Icon for a little chat.

No matter if it is rocking the stage as one of music’s greatest frontmen or reinvigorating the horror genre as a director of some of the most intriguing films in recent years, Rob Zombie always seems to have a story to tell.  His work in both music and films seems to be steeped in an indescribable mythology that continues to capture the imaginations of generation after generation.  In the past 20 years since his impressive debut, his hard work and dedication to his craft have left an undeniable mark on the pop culture landscape. With a track record of undeniable sucess, there is little doubt he has an incredible insight on the ever-changing entertainment industry. Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon sat down with Rob Zombie to discuss his longevity on the industry, his upcoming return to the studio, his highly anticipated feature film “The Lords of Salem”, an upcoming web series for The Nerdist Channel and much more!

Your work in the worlds of music and film certainly inspired many people through the years.  Looking back on your career, did you think you would be still going strong all these years later?

Not in the early days, no.  There was a point when I realized a couple of years ago, that “Yeah I guess this could go on forever if you really wanted it to”. Which is pretty weird! But back in the early days, you just didn’t know. I mean, you didn’t know anybody. No one knows if it’s gonna last, even if you are The Beatles or the Rolling Stones, you just really don’t. Now I realize nothing really goes away, everything goes as long as possible, so it’s great. But did I think I would still be going? No. Who know?! Who knew you could make it last too long – around 20 years!

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