QOTW: Tour as a roadie by Timothy H

Zombie Head Timothy HYes, yes indeed kiddies, ghouls and most importantly  Zombieheads, it is that wonderful time of the week where Rob Zombie answers another question from a fan.

This week’s question comes from Zombie Head Inc member Timothy H who asks about touring with the band as  a roadie.

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Question: Dear Rob. I have alway’s wanted to work for you. In any way shape or form. Do you need an extra roadie for this year’s tour’s. Yes I do have experience and could REALLY use a job. Would do anything to experience one tour with you as a roadie. OUT OF WORK NEED A JOB. Would be a dream come true or should I say a nightmare come true.

Answer from Rob: I thought I would answer this question because I’ve heard this a million times over the last 25 years. First off let’s burst everyone’s bubble and speak the truth. Being a roadie is hard fucking work. Being a roadie is not hanging out backstage partying with the band. Roadies are the first one’s to arrive and the last ones to leave each night. Long hours and no sleep. The bigger the tour, the harder the work.

If this still sounds like fun to you then go work for a small local band and learn the ropes. No one is going to hire you for a real tour if you don’t have the experience, because mostly likely you will crack under the pressure. Learn a skill, tuning guitars or drums, sound mixing, lighting design, rigging… something. In order to be a roadie you need to be good at something. Moving cases around is not enough.

In the early days of White Zombie we thought friends would make great roadie and that they would grow as the band grew. Big mistake. Never works.

If you really want to do this well then you will figure it out. I hope this helps.